React fast, eliminate downtime with TPMS

Reliable road safety with 24/7 tyre control – Webfleet TPMS

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React fast, eliminate downtime with TPMS

Reliable road safety with 24/7 tyre control – Webfleet TPMS

Webfleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) checks your tyre pressure and temperature in real-time. With predictive tyre management, problems are detected before they lead to costly repairs or downtime. Whether you are trans­porting passengers or cargo – TPMS helps you ensure you get to your destination safely and on time.

Do you know?

The right Tyre Pressure Management System can positively impact your finances and safety in numerous ways.


of commercial tyres on the road are signi­fic­antly under­in­flated


increase in fuel consumption can be caused when a tyre is under­-in­flated by 20%*


of tyre-re­lated breakdowns are the result of slow leaks

Webfleet TPMS helps you

Detect issues before repairs or downtime are needed

Reduce breakdowns and service disruption

Enhance road safety

Save fuel

Optimise tyre mileage

Increase sustain­ab­ility

Key features

Live view of your tyre pressure

See all your TPMS sensor-equipped vehicles and trailers with their latest tyre status1. Vehicle or trailer tyres identified with an issue are colour-coded to indicate the severity. A clear text description is also provided to explain the issue.

Live view of your tyre pressure
Real-time notific­a­tions on your tyre pressure

Real-time notific­a­tions

Receive a notific­ation immediately when an abnormal tyre pressure or temperature issue is detected. Drivers can also choose to be notified when there’s a critical issue regarding the tyre pressure of the vehicle2.

Identify slow leaks

90% of tyre-re­lated breakdowns are caused by slow leaks. Webfleet TPMS helps you spot slow pressure leaks before a driver possibly could. This reduces the risk of developing dangerously low pressure levels.

Slow tyre leaks
TPMS sensor management

Easy sensor management

Our TPMS sensors are designed for simplified install­ation, saving hours during the install­ation and replacement process.

Meanwhile, maintenance tasks are automat­ically generated for low sensor batteries and missing TPMS sensors.

Trailer support

If both truck and trailer are equipped with TPMS, you get the last known position of the trailer and which truck the trailer is connected to.

Trailer support
TPMS Tools app

TPMS Tools app

Our dedicated Webfleet TPMS Tools app is designed to be used in your workshop or by your tyre dealer, simplifying the maintenance of the TPMS system.

More vehicle data

Webfleet TPMS is used in combination with a vehicle tracking device. You receive all the vehicle data you need, including location, odometer and more, on one interface3.

More vehicle data

All you need to know about TPMS

How does TPMS know which tyre is which?


Each tyre is equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System sensor, which monitors tyre pressure and temperature in real time. This data is transmitted from the tyre sensors to auxiliary devices. Equipping both truck and trailer with TPMS gives you location visibility on the trailer, making it easy to know which truck your trailer is connected to.

Are TPMS sensors required?


For TPMS to monitor tyre pressure and temperature, sensors are required. The sensors transmit data in real time, giving you 24/7 tyre control.

How are TPMS sensors powered?


Our TPMS sensors work in combination with vehicle tracking devices. Seamlessly integrated, they provide you with location, odometer and other important vehicle data needed to keep your fleet safe and productive.

What happens when a TPMS battery dies?


When batteries are running low, TPMS automat­ically generates a maintenance task, ensuring you replace batteries in a timely manner. The system also automates a maintenance task for any missing TPMS sensors.

Are tyre pressure monitoring systems worth it?


As a proactive safety measure, predictive tyre management greatly reduces the chance of blowouts. A tyre pressure monitoring system supports your bottom line by detecting issues before they lead to breakdowns and downtime. TPMS boosts fleet sustain­ab­ility too, since well-main­tained tyres last longer.

How Webfleet TPMS works

Webfleet TPMS diagram

How Webfleet TPMS works

Webfleet TPMS diagram

Return on investment in six to nine months

Want to prevent tyre incidents from happening, keep your drivers safe and reduce your tyre costs? Request a call back from one of our experts and find out how Webfleet TPMS helps you achieve it all.

* Source: Bridgestone (based on 20% under­-in­flation, the impact may vary depending on the tyre specific­a­tions)

1 Webfleet TPMS supports rigid bodied trucks, tract­or-trailer combin­a­tions, buses and coaches. TPMS function­ality is currently only supported for trailers when the trailer is used together with a towing tractor fitted with Webfleet TPMS.

2 In-cab driver alerts available for PRO 2020/7350/8375/8475.

3 Webfleet TPMS is a service in addition to a Webfleet subscription. It is used in combination with a LINK 710/LINK 740 vehicle tracking device for data connectivity.