Fleet dashcam FAQs: What Fleet Managers want to know about video telematics

Are you looking to implement video telematics into your fleet, but still not sure of the benefits? Or perhaps, you are curious to further your own knowledge of fleet video telematics? In this article, we explore how you can protect your drivers and business.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to video telematics for fleets. Misconceptions across different business areas can prove difficult when implementing the necessary safety improvements to your fleet. This article aims to provide insight into common questions you may experience when exploring video telematics as an option.

Video telematics - protect driver privacy

Q: Do smart dashcams violate privacy regulations?

A smart dashcam solution that is fully configurable can help meet privacy regulations through its setup and configuration. Protecting your drivers’ data to the highest level is equally as important to achieving safer roads.

video telematics - Driver distraction

Q: Will my drivers hate having a camera in their cab?

The Webfleet CAM 50 with the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence can detect risky driving behaviour and provide First Notification of Risk (FNOR) by issuing a warning so that a driver can self-correct in the moment. The technology only notifies the Fleet Manager if risky behaviour persists and no corrective action has been taken.

video telematics - incident insights

Q: Why do I need a dashcam when I already have telematics?

Webfleet telematics is a vital tool in helping to train and coach drivers, however, sometimes incidents can still occur that can’t be evaluated with telematics alone. Advanced dashcam solutions like our CAM 50 have both in-cab and road-facing lenses, combined with machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI), giving Fleet Managers the best view of exactly what happened leading up to an event or incident. With Webfleet video telematics, you get the ultimate picture of how the incident occurred.

Video telematics - driving habits insights

Q: Why should I worry about a near miss? Nothing happened!

There are many variations of the “near miss”. A delivery van’s brush with a kerb to avoid an animal darting out could have very different consequences to a driver using their mobile phone with a coach full of people on board. Only by understanding the habits that occur in the cab can you identify where a near miss might have become a catastrophe.

incident claim process

Q: Will I see a return on investment by installing video telematics?

Collisions can be very costly. A strong safety record can result in fewer insurance claims, vehicle repairs and lower premiums for fleets, along with a positive benefit to brand reputation. Vehicle longevity and driver retention are vital considerations for fleets. Above all, we all want drivers to arrive home safely.

video telematics set up

Q: Will I need to replace my existing kit when installing an intelligent dashcam?

Not at all, the Webfleet CAM 50 can be added easily to your fleet! With the flexibility of Webfleet Video, you can have a single view of your data and easy access to the reports you need, all the data in one place on your usual platform.

Discover Webfleet video telematics

Discover the CAM 50 and Webfleet video telematics in our latest product showcase. Find out how you can protect your drivers and insurance claims where your drivers were not at fault. The CAM 50 solution is the perfect companion to identify and mitigate risk within your fleet.

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