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Textile, hygiene and safety solutions specialist Berendsen has achieved significant benefits from the introduction of an integrated technology solution underpinned by WEBFLEET.

The Company

Building a platform for growth Berendsen works with thousands of organisations across Europe, providing a wide range of textile rental and laundry services. These services cover everything from clothing, chefware, mats and mops to bed and bath linen and hygiene equipment. The company strives to promote excellence through continuous improvement.

The Challenge

A lack of MI and visibility Berendsen identified a lack of central control over its fleet operations. The company struggled with a lack of management information and visibility into the activity of its 750-strong fleet, made up of 480 HGVs and 270 LCVs. It recognised a need to improve risk management and push towards proactive compliance management.

The Solution

Benchmarking performance Berendsen established KPIs in the following areas – total cost of ownership; safety and compliance; CO2 emissions; supplier relationships; management information.

As a first step towards these targets, a fleet and driver efficiency programme was initiated, using driver behaviour system OptiDrive 360, a key feature of the Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET solution.

Driving behaviour insights OptiDrive 360 provides Berendsen’s drivers with pre-trip advice and real-time performance feedback, notifying them when they are driving inefficiently or unsafely via their in-cab PRO 8275 Driver Terminals.

An integrated solution for improvement Berendsen used this OptiDrive data to set performance benchmarks and then utilised WEBFLEET’s integration capability – made possible through stable, open application programming interfaces (APIs) – to link in reporting software from Telematics Data Services and 360-degree on-board cameras from ICanProve.IT.

Data-driven decision making enabled This created a comprehensive solution, helping the organisation get the right data to the right people at the right time, enabling smarter management decisions. It also provides a level of detail that makes it easier to address the root causes of any performance issues with individual drivers. Furthermore, it provides evidence that can safeguard them in the case of non-fault incidents.

This data forms a comprehensive audit trail to boost compliance. Telematics Data Services collates the data from WEBFLEET and delivers reports to every level of management based on the precise information they need. It also follows up with each recipient to ensure reports are read and actioned.

Video evidence supports management action To improve driving behaviour, Berendsen categorised driving events, reported by WEBFLEET, into five levels of severity. Any event measuring level four or above generates an automatic report linked to video footage from the on-board cameras, which provide full, 360-degree coverage around the vehicle. This report is sent to the relevant manager and forms the basis of a driver debrief that looks at the reasons for the driving event and allows appropriate action to be taken.

If, for example, the event occurred as the result of evasive action to avoid an accident, the camera footage would support the driver. Otherwise, advice, training or disciplinary action might be offered to help improve driving performance.

This integrated system has allowed Berendsen to take full control of fleet performance.

2,000 tonne CO₂ reduction Carbon emissions have been cut by more than 2,000 tonnes and fleet operating costs have also been substantially reduced following a 12.7 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency.

In a boost to road safety, incidents of speeding have been virtually eradicated and driving events (incidences of inefficient or unsafe driving) have decreased by 58 per cent.

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