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Meet MAX, the Driver

Max is a good driver. He loves getting all his jobs done in a day without having to call in to say where he is, and he’s happy to know he’s a smooth, safe driver. But he wishes he didn’t have to keep so many manual records.

Meet Eric, the Manager

Managing drivers is just the start. Eric looks after sales, marketing, customer care… and does the books too. He wants to help drivers like Max get through more jobs, and save mileage, maintenance and fuel… if only he had the time.

Introducing Eric, Max & Webfleet

You’ll be pleased to know that Eric has seen the error of his ways. Now Webfleet is part of his team, things are running a lot smoother. Take a look at the video below to see what’s changed!

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20% savings on MPG thanks
to Webfleet.

Brett Westbrook,
Crosswater Holdings

With Webfleet we improved
customer service and reduced
mileage and fuel costs.

Simon Bond,
The Tile Source

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