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LINK 710

LINK 710

The first-choice device for cars, LCVs & HCVs (truck, bus)

  • Fixed installation to the vehicle for reliable tracking
  • Enhanced vehicle data with CAN bus connectivity
  • Advanced vehicle integration possibilities (digital tachograph connectivity, FMS interface)
  • Add-on functionality easily available
  • Monitors driving behaviour
  • Works in combination with WEBFLEET
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LINK 710 – take your fleet management to the next level

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Manage and track your entire fleet

  • Know when, where and how your vehicles are being used in real time or over a chosen period.
  • Optimise your running costs by monitoring instant and historical fuel usage*.
  • Improve your fleet performance using our comprehensive WEBFLEET reports for vehicle and driver insights.
  • Plan maintenance and service tasks based on real-time mileage.

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First choice for heavy commercial vehicles

  • FMS interface support to monitor fuel consumption and fuel level.
  • Connection to the digital tachograph for remote downloads of digital tachograph data.
  • Compliance hassles simplified when combining a full suite of WEBFLEET tachograph services**.

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Take the stress out of your operation

  • Manage your tax responsibilities using automatic logbook.
  • Improve your driver’s safety with the help of driver behaviour analyses.
  • Stay on top of vehicle maintenance and service schedule with timely reminders. Get automatic notifications* about vehicle malfunctions.

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Get the most from broad integration

  • Connects to a PRO Driver Terminal for complete workflow management.
  • Access a wide range of integration through Bluetooth and multiple I/O interfaces.
  • Combine LINK 710 with the LINK CAN Sensor 100 (LCS 100) to get access to more precise vehicle data* sent directly from your vehicle CAN bus.

* FMS or CAN connection required and subject to vehicle/model.

** Additional feature subscription required.

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