TomTom Telematics is now Webfleet Solutions.

Transport companies: Get FREE fleet management in 2018

WEBFLEET, the next level of fleet management for transport companies

  • Offers real-time track and trace of your trucks
  • Takes care of drivers’ hours compliance with less admin
  • Reduces fuel usage, maintenance and labour costs
  • Optimises routes and driver behaviour
  • Empowers you to make faster, smarter decisions

Available from now until the end of the year for all new subscriptions.

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What WEBFLEET does for you

Tachograph Manager

Compliance made easy

WEBFLEET’s Tachograph Manager automates the process of retrieving and storing all the data you need to comply with drivers’ hours regulation. Get access to a complete view of driver and vehicle download statuses against your prescribed schedule, easy-to-understand reports on infringements and an airtight repository for all your sensitive information.

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No disruption to your current processes

Already using a third-party tachograph analysis provider and prefer not to change? That’s no problem with WEBFLEET. TachoShare lets you integrate our fleet management solution with your third-party provider seamlessly and quickly.

Remaining driving times

Improving productivity

An accurate, real-time view of your fleet is essential to optimising your productivity. WEBFLEET connects with the TomTom PRO 8275 and TomTom PRO 7350 Truck Driver Terminals and centralises all the key data you need, giving you an unhindered view of the optimal routes, available drivers and upcoming schedule.

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A safer operation

By suggesting pre-set routes designed to reduce the chance of accidents, WEBFLEET ensures you drivers are always on the safest roads. Also, the OptiDrive coaching module motivates your drivers to improve and decreases the cost of repairs.


All your applications working together

Thanks to the WEBFLEET.connect API, you can easily combine WEBFLEET with other software and apps. From transport management to supply chain planning, you have the flexibility you need to boost the performance of all the elements of your business this way. Plus you can integrate your applications with your PRO devices, giving you easy access to vital field information like proof of delivery and temperature.

Why Coca-Cola chose Webfleet Solutions

In the words of Pascal Libens, Fleet Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg, We were looking for a solution which on the one hand helps us to send valuable information to our drivers and on the other hand helps our planning. We have therefore chosen WEBFLEET. Thanks to the integration of WEBFLEET with our own software we have nowadays a total overview of our distribution.

Core benefits

Tachograph management

  • Documents all your drivers’ hour data to reduce the impact of infringements and fines
  • Remotely downloads your data so less time is spent on admin
  • Stores all your data in one place, making inspections easy


  • All your critical information is centralised to speed up decision-making
  • Dedicated large vehicle routing optimizes your routing and planning
  • Monitors traffic in real-time so you can make accurate ETAs

Better driving

  • HCV-specific routes keep you on the right roads
  • Keep track of how your drivers are performing
  • Reduces repairs costs by giving you a comprehensive view of vehicle maintenance


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