Digital tacho symbols explained

There are four standard digital tacho symbols that are used on all systems. Read more about the symbols on our website!

What are digital tacho symbols?

What are digital tacho symbols?

Digital tacho symbols (digital tachograph symbols) are the data points through which a driver’s activities are recorded. Digital tacho symbols account for precon­figured modes that may measure different things depending on the needs of the user. Most often, “drive mode” is the default setting activated when the car is in motion. It logs drive times and helps to effort­lessly determine how long a driver has been working.

What are the digital tacho symbols?

There are four standard digital tacho symbols that are used on all systems. They are as follows:


This symbol is used when the vehicle is in motion and denotes the amount of time spent behind the wheel.

Other Work

When the “other work” symbol is active, the car is not in motion but the driver is doing other work. This may include loading or unloading the truck.

Tachograph Available

When this symbol is active, the driver is not working, but they are on standby to do work as needed.

Break Time

The break time symbol denotes the amount of rest time the driver is receiving.

Why are digital tacho symbols important?

Why are digital tacho symbols important?

In addition to maintaining good business practices, digital tacho symbols and detectors also help to keep you in compliance with local laws. In the EU, work-hour regulations for drivers can be difficult to follow.

Digital tacho symbols log these hours automat­ically, making it very straight­forward to determine how you are complying with regulations. In addition to logging drive hours, a digital tachograph can also monitor periods of rest, as well as non-driving related work, giving you a robust range of well-doc­u­mented analytics.

According to law, drivers must take a break of at least forty-five minutes for every four-and-a-half hours of driving that they do. They must also rest for at least eleven hours out of every 24-hour period. Failure to comply with work-hour related laws can result in stiff fines and other punishments (including jail time in extreme cases). These problems can be easily avoided by properly logging time through digital tacho symbols.

Webfleet and digital tacho symbols

Webfleet and digital tacho symbols

At Webfleet, we take digital tacho symbols seriously. We know why it is important for your business to properly log your worker analytics and our solutions are designed to help you do it effectively.

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