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Crosswater Holdings Limited

The Organisation

Leaders in luxury bathroom design Crosswater Holdings are leaders in luxury bathroom design. Supplying retailers and specialist bathroom suppliers, their products appeal to the aspirational end of the market. Crosswater also works closely with architects and specifiers and is currently involved in a number of new build developments in the City of London. The company has also worked with Centreparcs and supplied all the shower screens for the London Olympic village.

Crosswater is based in Kent, operating out of a purpose built 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse and headquarters with transport, showroom and all other support facilities on one site in Dartford.

A fleet of 31 vehicles, comprising mainly Mercedes Sprinter 313 long wheelbase vans, together with some DAF LF 7.5 tonne lorries, serves the whole of the British Isles. Most vehicles operate out of the Dartford HQ, but five of them service the north from a hub in Leigh, near Manchester.

The Challenge

Objective: Accurate vehicle locations, workflow efficiency and driver performance monitoring Crosswater had been using vehicle tracking previously, but Transport Manager Brett Westbrook felt their existing system was not doing the job for them and began looking for alternatives. The fleet had also grown considerably, from 16 vehicles to 31 in just two years, so the new system needed to be flexible to allow for any further expansion.

Proven integration with DPS planning software was key to the decision to use TomTom WEBLEEET and local support from the reseller was crucial to a smooth and painless implementation.

The Solution

Real time information Crosswater installed LINKs in all vehicles, with PRO Truck navigation units in the larger vehicles. TomTom Traffic means that routes can be optimised in real time to avoid congestions, saving both time and fuel. WEBFLEET, TomTom’s SaaS (Software as a Service) system delivers real time reporting from any browser, whether it is in the office or on a mobile device.

This means Brett Westbrook has information at his fingertips in an instant and helps improve fleet performance and efficiency as well as customer service. Previously I had to wait until the following morning to get the information, so it is a major bonus for me to have it in real time, he said.

ecoPLUS allows fuel consumption to be monitored and fuel use analysed, whilst the OptiDrivefacility is a great way to profile drivers and benchmark high performers against the rest. Butit was the benefit of the navigation that first enthused the drivers: Initially there was someresistance, as drivers felt this could be a ‘spy in the cab’ but once we explained that our aimwas to improve fleet efficiency and reduce pressure on drivers by helping them plan theirroutes, acceptance came quickly, explained Brett Westbrook. All it took was the first time ofavoiding a traffic jam and they soon saw the benefits to them. In fact now, if we have to hire avehicle and it doesn’t have TomTom satnav, the drivers complain!

MPG consumption increased by 20% The company can now access information for each vehicle on driving time per day, daily mileage and any driver behaviour data such as speeding incidents, harsh braking and harsh cornering. The ability to track this information has led to improved driving style across the fleet. OptiDrive scores are linked to monthly bonuses and a league table of the top five and bottom 10 drivers is published and acts as a major incentive to improve and maintain driving standards.

For the company, the ability to monitor fuel economy and reduction in CO2 output has had a major business benefit. In the two years since using TomTom, fuel consumption across the fleet has increased from an average of 25.5 mpg to 30.3 mpg, a 20% improvement, whilst CO2 emissions have improved by 470lbs in an average month. The accurate benchmarking of CO2 helps drive the company’s environmental agenda and enabled Crosswater to achieve the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) silver certificate. Tracking of mpg and travelling miles per year has also helped with FORS certification and the company is currently working to achieve the gold standard.

Better relationship between transport and sales All vehicles are leased, on a full repair basis and vehicles are speed limited. Better driver behaviour since implementing TomTom WEBFLEET has also impacted positively on maintenance costs and total vehicle cost.

Brett Westbrook said: TomTom WEBFLEET makes my life much easier as I can measure and record site KPIs effectively. At the click of a button I can see what the whole fleet is up to. It’s fantastic for driver training as demonstrates driving style and records improvements. It helps us manage our customer service by predicting exact delivery times. And an unexpected benefit is that in allowing the sales team access to WEBFLEET, they now understand the ramifications of those ‘just’ jobs and the impact it can have on the fleet, so we have seen a big reduction in unrealistic requests and have managed expectations.

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