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WEBFLEET fleet management software and an intuitive logbook app have improved customer service and fleet efficiency, while slashing mileage claims administration across Altodigital’s 161-strong car fleet.

The Company

Leading print and document solutions provider With more than 35 years’ experience and 8,000 clients UK-wide, Altodigital is one of the UK’s leading print and document solutions providers. The company, whose products and services include print, IT, communications, document management and office supplies, operates from a network of regional offices using a fl eet of 161 cars.

The Challenge

Job planning and paperwork As the company has expanded, trying to resource, plan and dispatch a team of around 160 fi eld service engineers, IT engineers, trainers and auditors, each tasked with a KPI of at least fi ve customer calls a day, was proving very challenging.

Mileage paperwork was also taking up hours of administration time, with engineers having to complete manual mileage sheets at the end of each day.

The Solution

Efficient route allocation The company implemented Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET fleet management platform in August 2013 to efficiently and quickly allocate jobs and route engineers to customers.

Whereas before, our engineers could pass each other on the same road, now full visibility of our workforce means we can see who is closest to emergency call outs and respond in the quickest time. Job details are sent to drivers’ terminals with navigation automatically provided, giving the driver, office and customer an accurate ETA.

Getting employees on-side The launch followed a thorough consultation process with employees, including a series of regional workshops and Q&A sessions to explain how the technology would affect staff.

To allay any potential fears over data privacy, a code of conduct was also produced, clearly setting out what the company can and can’t do with the data gathered on employees.

HMRC compliance Engineers now use Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET Logbook app on their iPhones to keep accurate journey logs, validating journey information and selecting whether trips are for business or private purposes in seconds.

This ensures 100% compliance with HMRC regulations and takes the headache of time-consuming spreadsheets away as mileage totals are both automated and evidenced.

Employee safety first The move has introduced a strong focus on driver safety and successfully raised employee awareness levels on the importance of safer, greener driving behaviour. OptiDrive 360, a key feature of the Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET management system, scores and provides feedback to drivers on a range of performance indicators, including fuel consumption, speeding, harsh braking and steering. League tables now highlight and reward the best drivers, with OptiDrive reports sent to each driver every week so they can clearly see where they might need to address performance.

Webfleet Solutions ecoPLUS fuel diagnostic device also reads fuel consumption data directly from vehicles to provide better insights into individual and total fleet mpg.

Indisputable proof The technology also helps with insurance claim disputes, as John Sixsmith, Service Desk Team Leader at Altodigital explains: We can now provide indisputable proof of what speed our engineer was driving, in which direction and whether the incident involved any harsh steering or braking.

Support all the way Altodigital’s investment was supported by Webfleet Solutions partner Fleetview Solutions. Working with Fleetview and Webfleet Solutions has certainly made our lives easier, says Lou, as both have been very flexible and quick to respond to our needs. Fleetview also provided invaluable support during our employee consultation process, helping to ask some of our drivers’ more challenging questions.

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