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The Company

The extensive vehicle fleet maintains over 250,000 properties annually Axis is one of the country's leading providers of maintenance and refurbishment for the housing, commercial and retail sector. In particular, Axis is responsible for the housing stock of some of the UK’s largest social housing landlords. The organisation maintains over 250,000 properties each year and carries out in excess of 300,000 responsive repairs per year. 2,000 properties are fully refurbished and every year Axis ensures 3,000 empty houses meet a Decent Homes standard.

The business employs over 750 people working out of six offices from the South of England to the Midlands, and operates a fleet of over 240 vehicles.

The Challenge

Existing telematics complicated and restrictive Axis had used telematics before and found this to be restrictive in terms of functionality and level of comprehensive reporting. Furthermore, it was not intuitive and as a consequence there were only a few users, meaning it was not being used as an integral part of the business, or to its full potential.

To create better efficiencies across the business, more departments and therefore more users would need to access the system. This coupled with a drive to improve fuel consumption and lower costs meant a new solution was needed.

The Solution

Axis operatives use league tables to improve driving Axis selected the TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET system, using LINK tracking devices and ecoPLUS units for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 output. This has been implemented gradually as a replacement to the previous system. All of the company’s 241 vehicles are now monitored using the WEBFLEET software and the data can be quickly analysed, using customisable reporting with a dashboard overview.

Vehicle locations are crucial to the running of Axis’ Housing Division in particular as by using telematics devices, Axis are able to respond faster to urgent requests for assistance which means a better service for customers. The system also provides an OptiDrive score for each driver showing their behaviour in 5 areas: speeding; harsh braking; heavy cornering; idling and mpg. This allows them to measure the improvements, and also focus attention on problem areas to maintain a good standard across the fleet.

Axis exceeds 5% improvement target for year All Axis operatives are fully involved and informed of the driving policy and how it is measured, and now motivated to drive more carefully due to the league tables that have been set up by the company using the OptiDrive scores. When you know that fuel economies are measured, it is human nature to want to improve and go higher up the league table, explained one of Axis’ drivers. If you physically have average consumption in front of you, it does make you alter your driving habits. So for all those years that I believed I was driving well, actually I wasn’t!

WEBFLEET proved an instant success with the office staff because data is faster to get to and easier to analyse. With a large fleet to control, departments such as repairs, maintenance and customer service personnel all have access to crucial data when they need it.

One of the major drivers for change was the ability to measure fuel consumption. Axis has made a 20% increase in average MPG scores across the fleet in 5 months. This impressive increase from 33 MPG to 39 MPG, has helped decrease fuel expenditure and there are additional benefits such as reduced servicing and maintenance costs due to the campaign to change driving behaviour. This is a massive achievement for us in such a short time. Without TomTom WEBFLEET we wouldn’t be able to measure our success so accurately due to the ever-changing nature of our stock. says Helen Craig, Head of Sustainability and Facilities at Axis Europe, adding We have already exceeded our 5% improvement target for the year. I am really pleased to see all of the drivers making such big improvements in such a short space of time.

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