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B.E. Campbell

B.E. Campbell
supplies over
50 million kilograms
of pork per year

The Company

B.E. Campbell is one of Australia’s largest food suppliers. They began their journey in 1969, with Bruce and Marie Campbell making a commitment to provide a quality service to the Australian food industry. B.E. Campbell operates out of its Sydney headquarters in Wetherill Park, with 400+ employees working 24 hours, 5 days a week. From this location they supply over 50 million kilograms of quality pork per year to supermarkets, restaurants and the food industry.

B.E. Campbell
were provided with a
complete soultion

The Challenge

The company was faced with two challenges. The first was how to monitor their fleet of 26 vehicles each equipped with refrigerated storage. Specifically, B.E. Campbell wanted to monitor the temperature of the food storage compartment, ensuring that it maintained an optimal temperature level at all times during transit. This certified them to comply with Australian Food Regulations.

The second challenge for B.E. Campbell was to replace their previous telematics system, which offered limited functionality. Their installed system was not intuitive; B.E. Campbell’s operations team having no way of monitoring routes taken or driver behaviour. B.E. Campbell was searching for a complete solution that would provide both advanced user friendly telematics and a temperature monitoring system.

Improved vehicle
maintenance by 5%

is a very easy
system to use

The Solution

The solution came from an integrated approach offered by Webfleet Solutions and their LINK 530 tracking device, which reports to the Webfleet Solutions webbased fleet management software, WEBFLEET; combined with a temperature monitoring solution from their trusted partner, Sensor2web. This combination allows B.E. Campbell to have an intuitive understanding of their driver behavior. Fleet office personnel were now able to provide accurate ETA to customers, which improved customer service, one of B.E. Campbell’s business goals.

Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET software also provides multiple additional benefits. B.E. Campbell can monitor and plan their vehicle maintenance and have also created a maintenance archive. This has improved their maintenance planning and has already resulted in a 5% saving. WEBFLEET also allows B.E. Campbell to monitor a wide range of KPI’s including speeding, harsh steering and braking, standstill times, and arrival/departure times of vehicles at all destinations.

The second part of the approach from Webfleet Solutions was to pair the Sensor2web temperature monitoring system with their LINK 530 tracking device. Sensor2web monitors the temperature measurements in real time via the LINK 530. Rmoni wireless the developer of Sensor2web is a systems integrator and part of the larger network of Webfleet Solutions accredited application partners. The LINK 530 device can pair with up to 5 devices via Bluetooth, allowing the possibility for the LINK 530 to communicate measurements such as tyre pressure monitoring, or even pairwith a Bluetooth printer.

B.E. Campbell National Fleet Manager Paul Ranse says that WEBFLEET is a very easy system to use, The reporting tools within WEBFLEET allow us to analyse our driver performance and provide immediate feedback. We can see that our maintenance costs are significantly down which means we have less downtime with our vehicles. Once we had WEBFLEET in place, we began to secure more contracts on the basis that we could guarantee both the quality of our produce and provide a precise ETA to our clients. Without the Webfleet Solutions solution we would not have been able to grow our business so quickly.

B.E. Campbell has been able to decrease cost, increase efficiency whilst also demonstrating a customer centric offering essential to maintain and win new business. The choice of the Webfleet Solutions system was based on the proven technology behind it and their confidence that partnering with this market leading brand would ensure that they keep pace with changes both in technology, and in the benefits of fleet management.

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