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KBC Logistics

The Organisation

KBC operates 120 HGV’s supplying depots across the country KBC Logistics is a haulage firm based in Purfleet, Essex and operates a fleet of120 vehicles – all 44-tonne articulated trucks – handling container and fridgework for companies in Belgium and the UK. A second operation in the NorthEast operates trucks from the Immingham area; this allows KBC to movegoods from Immingham, Killingholme and Hull ports throughout the Northand into Scotland.

A large proportion of the goods are supplied to RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centres) for distribution to supermarket stores. The goods are mainly general containerized dry products, with a percentage of chilled and refrigerated containers and trailers, all via clients based primarily in Belgium.

The Challenge

KBC needed to improve ETA’s to avoid fines and manage driver behaviour to increase safety KBC logistics carries out up to 170 trips per day to various RDC’s across the South and South West of England, and also from a base in the Midlands. Most trips consist of a 12 or 13 hour shift. Accurate ETA’s are essential due to the nature of the customer business, and late arrivals carry penalties. Any delivery exceeding 29 minutes incurs a fine, so punctuality is essential. The company is rapidly increasing its vehicle fleet, therefore to ensure the expansion operates as efficiently, safely and effectively as possible, the business needed a suitable solution. Driver safety and behaviour is a top line consideration for a large fleet of HGV’s. Instant knowledge of the whereabouts of each of the vehicles, and the driver’s working hours, is fundamental to the businesses operation in order to keep stringent customer ETA’s and to ensure maximum efficiency of the fleet.

The Solution

Speeding incidents reduced by 95% KBC Logistics decided to implement WEBFLEET from Webfleet Solutions. They installed LINK vehicle tracking systems in all trucks feeding back to the online platform. This system provides a full tracking solution as well as vehicle specific navigation, driver behaviour telematics and a digital tachograph interface which allows live access to confirm driver availability, legal compliance and remote download functionality.

KBC decided upon Webfleet Solutions because they wanted a one-stop shop solution that could effectively manage a large number of vehicles, along with the best maps and most accurate locations.

KBC employs two full time driver trainers who assist with day to day improvements for 150 drivers. OptiDrive 360 driver behaviour reporting and using the driver’s tachograph cards for accurate ID’s, has been instrumental in monitoring driver performance and is now a vital part of the overall training strategy. KBC uses daily colour coded (red, amber, green) OptiDrive 360 reports via WEBFLEET to better understand areas for improvement such as speeding, harsh braking, cornering, idling and new KPI’s like green speed, gear shifting and coasting advice. Drivers are aware of their driving performance in real time on the TomTom PRO driver terminal screens, reducing cost as well as increasing safety. Since installation, KBC has made vast improvements; speeding and dangerous driving is becoming a thing of the past. Speeding incidents have been reduced by 95% and harsh driving events are dramatically reduced.

KBC increased productivity by 50% and eliminated instant congestion fines with WEBFLEET WEBFLEET data allows KBC to be fully aware of vehicle location and the driver’s Tachograph driving hours at all times, creating highly effective job dispatch and organisation. With the introduction of Webfleet Solutions, trips per day increased by approximately 100 to 150, sometimes peaking at 170. Accurate ETA’s allow KBC to plan a second trip per vehicle.

The TomTom solution is vehicle specific and therefore drivers are now only following routes on suitable roads, receiving alerts of unsuitable roads including width and weight restrictions and low bridges. If a driver has a bridge strike the associated cost can be enormous, even if there is minimal damage due to bridge closure and inspection.

KBC saves on costs by setting up a geofence in WEBFLEET to allow for congestion charge zone reporting. This has eliminated the instant fines and means that KBC can proactively pay for congestion charge, saving a potential £130 per trip.

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