Did you know that on average you spend up to 30% extra travel time per day due to congestion in Johan­nesburg. This is 37 minutes more time in a car per day and approx­im­ately 141 hours a year. What could you do with your business with more time? Could you achieve more?

Webfleet helps optimise fleet operations and reduce costs

eta metric

Plan your next job with expected arrival times

With expected arrival times delivered directly to your office, you can efficiently plan your next job – and account for traffic.


Extremely accurate traffic info

Drivers can rely on TomTom Traffic* that is so accurate that drivers can be alerted to tail jams which prevent braking suddenly. More likely they will avoid traffic completely thanks to TomTom’s trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices which are used with live traffic views to accurately predict and help avoid traffic.

* Requires a subscription.


No delay from closed roads

Avoid congestion and never get stuck in traffic with our Driver Terminals. Even closed roads are no longer an issue as our devices recognise the closure and plan around it, even when vehicles are forced into certain roads.


Fastest routes

TomTom's navigation technology is equipped with a database of real driving times to calculate the fastest route, whenever and wherever you go. Besides the actual traffic, it factors in the traffic lights, roundabouts and other road obstacles.


Less time on the road

Using Webfleet, your workforce can spend less time on the road, and more time with customers and provide realistic ETAs. Your drivers will be able to impress customers with their reliability while wasting less time and fuel on each journey. And their increased productivity will have a direct impact on your revenue.


Speed cameras

Speed cameras are a valuable aid in safer driving and traffic regulation. The locations of fixed and mobile speed cameras are shown on your in-car device, to help your drivers regularly check their speed and maintain a safe driving style.

What could you achieve with an extra 141 hours per vehicles per year?

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