Blackbourne Integrated M&E

88% reduction in speeding, 8% decrease in driving time and 5% reduction in CO2 emissions

Blackbourne Integrated M&E offers a fully co-ordinated service for mechanical & electrical contracting and maintenance across the UK. The company has more than 50 years experience of delivering co-ordinated design processes and efficient site management programmes and prides itself on delivering contracts on time and on budget. A consistently proactive management approach to any task, from the replacement of a light bulb to the re-wiring of a complete office block, means that customers value Blackbourne’s well organised, cost effective and reliable service.

The maintenance division has a fleet of 45 vans, ranging in age from six months to seven years. Of these, 40 are used on a reactive basis, so an effective and efficient fleet is a business imperative, together the company’s objective to improve its carbon footprint and raise its ranking in the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking survey.

Blackbourne chose a combination of Webfleet and Agnew (a Webfleet partner) to provide a fully integrated fleet management system. This allows them to obtain the most comprehensive fleet management intelligence from a wide range of perspectives, from driving behaviour through to MOT and tax renewals.

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