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Fleet Compliance Handbook

Tackle the latest rules on tachographs, emissions and trailers

It’s a big year for fleet compliance. That’s because 2024 kicks off important changes to legis­la­tions around smart tachographs, fleet emissions and trailer management. Is your fleet ready for the new rules? Download your Fleet Compliance Handbook 2024 to find out.


With your free compliance handbook from Webfleet, you can stay on top of the year’s most urgent legislation. Turn to the handbook for guidance on:

  • Important deadlines you must meet to avoid fines or penalties
  • Reporting require­ments and what they mean for your business
  • Solutions that can help you manage your compliance with ease

Keep track of key timelines

Over the next couple of years, fleets must comply with evolving legislation. It can be challenging to stay on top of it all, especially where deadlines are concerned. The handbook lists out any key dates you need to be aware of.

compliance handbook 2024
compliance handbook 2024

Reduce the risk of penalties

Fleet compliance can be quite complex. There are many rules and processes to follow. One of your priorities as a fleet manager is minimising the risk of infringe­ments, which can lead to fines or other penalties. This handbook will help.

Consider your customer value

Some of your customers may need to comply with the same rules that your business does. Under­standing the legislative impact on your customers gives you the perspective needed to provide better service and more value.

compliance handbook 2024
compliance handbook 2024

Be confident in your reporting

Whether you operate a fleet of cars, vans, trucks or all of the above, you need to handle compliance. Reporting is an essential aspect of your admin­is­trative work. This handbook points the way to effortless and accurate reporting.

Get insights on boosting safety

Any way you look at it, compliance is about public safety. If you run a refri­gerated fleet, you’re responsible for the quality of temper­at­ure-sens­itive goods. All fleets must contribute to road safety. Get the safety insights you need.

compliance handbook 2024
compliance handbook 2024

Manage compliance with ease

Ready to reduce costs, avoid penalties and increase productivity? Do you want to focus on delivering more value to you customers? Your handbook will guide you on simplifying your compliance management to achieve your objectives.

compliance handbook 2024

Download your free compliance handbook

compliance handbook 2024

Fleet compliance is more important than ever. The rules on tachographs, emissions and trailers are getting increas­ingly tougher. To help you prepare for current and future legislation, this handbook outlines the most crucial actions your fleet should take this year, starting right now. Download the Fleet Compliance Handbook 2024.

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With Webfleet you get it done

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, gives you all the data insights and tools you need to enhance your fleet’s performance. Save fuel, boost safety, increase productivity, go electric, stay compliant—whatever you want to do, with Webfleet you get it done. Book a free demo now and see for yourself.

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