Blackbourne uses TomTom Fleet Management to improve ranking in Northern Ireland Environmental Survey

Belfast, 20 February 2013
Mechanical and electrical contractor Blackbourne Integrated M&E has partnered with TomTom in Northern Ireland in a bid to improve the efficiency and eco ranking of its business.

The company services a range of mechanical and electrical maintenance contracts throughout Northern Ireland and England and currently has over 50 vehicles on the road.

Promoting eco driving amongst its operatives, increasing efficiency of the overall business and greater visibility on service and maintenance work are key objectives for Blackbourne implementing the TomTom solution. To maximise the effectives of its fleet Blackbourne has also linked up with contract hire and leasing company Agnews of Northern Ireland to enable them to streamline the administration of the fleet.

One of the key reasons for Blackbourne’s use of TomTom LINK and ecoPLUS is to help improve its ranking in the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey in 2013. Last year the company achieved Quintile 2 status, and are striving for a higher status next year using environmental data reports from TomTom.
Now in its 14th year, the Survey is a key driver for corporate environmental management and improvement and is seen as a positive influencer to help organisations achieve a more sustainable way of doing business

Bryan Campbell, Director at Blackbourne Integrated M&E says,

This new partnership with TomTom and Agnews will enable us to continue to enhance Blackbourne’s overall service to clients, save money and reduce the carbon footprint of the busines.

Giles Margerison, TomTom Business Solutions’ Director, UK & Ireland:

Blackbourne has a very focused and effective approach to promote eco-driving and efficiency, underpinned and monitored by the TomTom technology. It is already helping them reduce costs and carbon footprint, and we hope this enables them to achieve excellence in the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey 2013

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