TomTom WORK introduces truck navigation at IAA

Leipzig, 23. September 2008: TomTom WORK, the B2B division of TomTom, will be presenting the newest trends in Connected Navigation services for vehicle fleets at the IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition in Hanover, Germany. From 25 September – 2 October TomTom WORK's Connected Navigation solution – an integrated system of navigation and fleet management – can be seen in Hall 24, Stand D29.

TomTom WORK will present truck navigation for the first time at the IAA. This solution will feature route information optimised for transport and logistics companies featuring relevant information such as clearance heights and weight restrictions. With new routing algorithms, TomTom WORK's truck navigation solution makes it possible for trucks to be kept away from small town roads and narrow residential areas whenever possible. Typical or maximum truck speeds are also taken into consideration and so the expected arrival times are realistically calculated. All users have to do is enter their vehicle parameters, such as vehicle measurements or axle and total weight, into the TomTom WORK navigation solution.

TomTom WORK provides truck navigation as an optional accessory on an SD card, so that a simple upgrade for TomTom WORK customers is possible at a low price. The accessory comes with maps for Central and Western Europe, whereby truck navigation is available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux and Great Britain. The solution will be available at the end of 2008 for Euro 149, excluding VAT. There will also be an attractive introductory offer available at the IAA.

Furthermore, TomTom WORK's truck navigation solution with its routing algorithms is designed to direct trucks onto larger roads whenever possible. This solution aims to relieve town and residential areas from exhaust fumes and excess noise. The more economic and continuous driving style on main roads prevents stop-and-go traffic and also results in less fuel consumption.

Truck navigation has long been in development and we are pleased that the map data from Tele Atlas and software from TomTom WORK have reached a quality which allows us to offer a navigation solution to transport companies, says Thomas Becher, commercial director of TomTom WORK. This is a first, but important step and we look forward to continued developments in truck navigation technology in the near future. Naturally, truck drivers will need to be aware of, and obey, the rules and signs of the roads, but we feel their journeys will significantly improve with this new solution.

With TomTom WORK, fleet managers have the opportunity to track vehicles around the clock and profit from extensive reporting tools. This includes reports on working times, speed profile and the number of journeys and stops of the individual drivers. The new TomTom WORK WEBFLEET is the core component of the Connected Navigation solution from TomTom WORK. Connected Navigation enables the swift allocation of work orders and information exchange between the office and its drivers, automated reporting and simple navigation.

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