Hygiene firm makes £78,000 insurance saving with TomTom fleet management

London, October 29, 2012
A cleaning and hygiene specialist has revealed how fleet management technology has led to insurance savings of £78,000 in just two years.

In the first year, Zenith Hygiene Group and insurance broker Miles Smith negotiated a £50,000 premium reduction for its 119-strong fleet by implementing a risk management strategy, underpinned by TomTom's WORKsmart – Eco solution.

Second year premium savings of £28,000 followed with motor insurer Equity Red Star after the company has slashed its claims costs by £136,000. This was achieved by managers and drivers alike using the TomTom's fleet management system to monitor and improve driving performance.

TomTom fleet management technology was recognised by Equity Red Star earlier this year as a key component in its new Equitrack fleet insurance product, aimed at lowering risk and insurance premiums for businesses.

Our fleet insurance costs were significantly increasing year-on-year but implementing TomTom technology and effective change management has dramatically improved our risk profile by helping to reduce incidents of speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering said Michael Rayner, Zenith Hygiene's Operations Director.

We introduced the system to maximise business efficiencies and reduce distribution costs but hadn't anticipated such significant insurance savings in such a short space of time

Research by sustainability consultancy Environmental Resources Management (ERM) recently calculated that TomTom fleet management was cutting Zenith's operational costs by £218,000 across the company's 61-strong lorry fleet.

Giles Margerison, TomTom Business Solutions' Director, UK & Ireland, added: Zenith's returns on investment have been considerable and these latest savings demonstrate how, by managing risk, our technology can play a key role helping businesses take greater control over their fleet insurance costs

TomTom technology offers a range of benefits to businesses including helping to reduce operating costs, such as fuel consumption, and driving business efficiencies. Reporting modules benchmark drivers and vehicles giving vehicle managers the tools to profile drivers, identify training needs, improve safety and reducing costs.

Live Active Driver Feedback engages drivers so they can change their behaviour behind the wheel. This interactive approach yields better results as the driver is alerted when driving in an adverse style, and a simple summary informs them of their progress.

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