Save time and money

Integrate with EasyPark

Together with EasyPark, the number one parking app for businesses in Europe, we introduce Parking.connect, an integration between Webfleet and EasyPark. It helps Webfleet customers reduce costs by eliminating overpayment and making the entire parking process faster.

Parking.connect helps you

Save time and money

For your business and remove the hassle for your drivers by automat­ically ending the parking session as the vehicle drives away.

Improve drivers' experience

One less thing for drivers to think about. Ending a parking session is as simple as driving away.

Set it up easily

With no extra hardware, all you need is a subscription and a mobile device.

Parking.connect key features

Simple set up

Webfleet customers can enable Parking.connect directly in Webfleet.

fleet manager driver 04

Cost savings

Parking.connect ensures that ending a parking session is as simple as driving away. Customers won't have to pay more than necessary; they only pay for the time they were parked.

Peace of mind

In a rush to get to the next appointment? With Parking.connect, drivers have one less thing to worry about. Drivers simply start the parking session via the EasyPark app and they receive a push notific­ation within the EasyPark app when the parking session ends.

van incar driver package 01
information security and privacy

Data privacy

Vehicle data sharing between the platforms is limited to what is necessary to provide the service. The only data shared is the exact moment the vehicle is in motion.

About EasyPark

EasyPark is the number one parking app for businesses in Europe. Its award-winning platform has been helping drivers save time and money since 2001.

EasyPark is available in 25+ countries, 3,200+ cities and collab­orates with 2,300+ parking operators all over Europe.

What you need for Parking.connect

Webfleet LINK tracking device


Webfleet Subscrip­tions

Link tariff and above

EasyPark Subscription2

Also works with the LINK 2x0/410/510 but may provide lower reliability and slower response time between driving away and termination of the parking session.
Customers require an EasyPark subscription plus an additional payment for the integration (Autostop). Local prices apply.

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