TomTom introduces new TomTom LINK 300 box for an even easier Connected Navigation experience for businesses

Amsterdam, 15 January 2008: TomTom WORK, the business-to-business division of TomTom, today introduces the new TomTom LINK 300 box for its updated TomTom WORK Active solution. This allows for even easier installation in commercial vehicles and optimised user experience between the office and drivers on the road.

The updated TomTom WORK Active solution provides a fully Connected Navigation service consisting of the new TomTom LINK 300 box, online WEBFLEET application and the recently introduced TomTom GO 720 device. The TomTom LINK 300 solution will also be offered as a separate tracking-only solution so fleet owners can constantly monitor their vehicles' locations and movements. In addition, it will also support other TomTom PND's with Bluetooth® connection in the near future, making connected navigation more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Businesses and owners of commercial fleets are always looking at ways to save costs and implement processes that allow for better daily communication and greater efficiency with their vehicles on the road, says Thomas Becher, commercial director of TomTom WORK. With the new TomTom LINK 300, any business can instantly combine high quality navigation with two-way data communication and tracking & tracing.

TomTom LINK 300

The new TomTom LINK 300 is a small black box that allows businesses to track and trace their commercial vehicles and send messages and location information between these vehicles and the online TomTom WEBFLEET application. TomTom LINK 300 is effortlessly installed in any car, due to its compact nature (85.5 x 67 x 24 mm) and different easy mounting options, which include dashboard and wind screen installation. The built-in GPS and GPRS antennas ensure that no cables are visible. Drivers can easily connect their TomTom GO 720 with the new TomTom LINK 300 via a Bluetooth® connection. Through the built-in GPRS connection, TomTom LINK 300 users can also benefit from traffic updates to plan their day more efficiently.


WEBFLEET is the web-based application from TomTom WORK that provides fleet owners with 24-hour access to vehicle management and comprehensive reporting tools. TomTom LINK 300 provides valuable data to WEBFLEET, such as the exact destination of vehicles on the road and the estimated time of arrival, which is updated every minute. In addition, WEBFLEET now allows fleet owners to view daily summary reports including work time, speed profiles and the number of trips and stops per driver. This gives them an even better overview of their vehicles' whereabouts and drivers' activities, reducing the administrative burden.

TomTom GO 720

The TomTom GO 720 combines award-winning software, ease of use and extensive maps of Europe with the latest navigation features such as hands free calling, voice address input and text-to-speech for the best navigation experience. The TomTom GO also includes TomTom Map Share, allowing users to make and share daily map improvements, and a leading range of safety features including speed alerts and the Help Me! Menu.

Prices & availability

The TomTom WORK Active solution, including TomTom GO 720, WEBFLEET and TomTom LINK 300 is available from mid-January 2008. The stand-alone TomTom LINK 300 has a recommended retail price of 399 EUR excluding VAT.

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