TomTom WORK On The Road Tour 2008

30 April 2008, Leipzig: TomTom WORK, the B2B division of the leading global supplier of portable navigation solutions, TomTom, and the international supplier of connected-navigation services for vehicle fleets, adjourns to a big tour through Europe. In overall 19 cities in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain a big truck will inform resellers, partners and customers on the companies' new Connected Navigation solution. In relaxed atmosphere TomTom WORK will present all components of TomTom WEBFLEET, TomTom LINK 300, the TomTom GO 715 and the TomTom GO 720, live.

In following cities TomTom WORK will guest with its 'On The Road Tour 2008':

  • 26.05.08 Hamburg
  • 27.05.08 Magdeburg
  • 28.05.08 Dortmund
  • 29.05.08 Düsseldorf
  • 30.05.08 Frankfurt
  • 02.06.08 Stuttgart
  • 03.06.08 München
  • 04.06.08 Salzburg
  • 05.06.08 Klagenfurt
  • 06.06.08 Wien
  • 09.06.08 Zürich
  • 10.06.08 Lousanne
  • 12.06.08 Milano
  • 16.06.08 Torino
  • 18.06.08 Paris
  • 23.06.08 Barcelona
  • 25.06.08 Madrid
  • 27.06.08 Lisboa
  • 30.06.08 Porto

New WEBFLEET is an enhanced service for online fleet management, order tracking and reporting, accessible 24 hours a day from any internet-enabled PC. The ability to see the precise location of all vehicles at a glance and instantly send a message to any of them at a click of a mouse, means that jobs can always be allocated to the one that is best positioned.

WEBFLEET is at the centre of TomTom WORK's Connected Navigation solution and gets complemented within the 'Compact version' via the navigation device TomTom GO 715 and within the 'Active version' via the navigation device TomTom GO 720 and the Blackbox TomTom LINK 300. Further solutions solely for locating vehicles can be installed. Within these solutions the Blackbox TomTom LINK 300 is located in the vehicle for easily tracking its way via WEBFLEET.

Register for TomTom WORK On The Road Tour 2008:

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