Profes­sional navigation

Stay on the right routes and out of traffic

Every second your drivers are stuck in traffic, your productivity suffers. Profes­sional Navigation uses a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms to help you avoid jams, closed roads and other obstacles that slow down your schedule.


Accurate traffic info*

Trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices combine with live traffic views to accurately predict traffic. Your drivers can be alerted to oncoming jams to stop them having to brake harshly as they approach.


No delay from closed roads

Traffic is not the only obstacle Profes­sional Navigation helps you avoid. The PRO Driver Terminal in-cab device recognises closed roads and plans around them.

Fast routes

Our navigation technology is equipped with a database of real driving times. This helps calculate the fastest route to your destination, wherever you want to go and whenever you need to get there. Alongside traffic, it also factors in traffic lights, roundabouts and other factors that can delay your arrival.


More time with customers

By taking the most efficient routes, your workforce can spend less time on the road and more time with customers. Your customer will also be happy with our best-in-class ETAs, while quicker journey times help lower your fuel costs.

Truck­-spe­cific navigation

Do you have large vehicles in your fleet? Our solution factors in vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed before creating your route. It will keep your truck away from low bridges, sharp bends and other unsuitable spots.

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Speed cameras*

Speed cameras are a valuable aid in safer driving and traffic regulation. The locations of fixed and mobile speed cameras are shown on your in-car device, to help your drivers regularly check their speed and maintain a safe driving style.

PRO Driver Terminals

On certain subscrip­tions, our PRO Driver Terminals display real-time traffic information. This comes on top of the numerous other valuable features of the PRO Driver Terminals, which include active driver feedback, working time regis­tration and more.

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Your device comes with regular software and fixed speed camera updates and seasonal (4 times per year) updates for maps. To download these updates you need an active internet connection via Wi-Fi® or a computer with access to the internet. Your device also comes with regular traffic and speed camera services. To receive these services as part of your Webfleet contract, your device must be connected to a LINK with an active Webfleet LIVE subscription. To receive these services without Webfleet subscription, your device needs to be smart­phone-con­nected or equipped with a SIM including data. The speed camera services may be prohibited in some countries and should only be used in compliance with local legislation. Speed cameras are not available in Germany, Switzerland and France. In France, you can only access Danger Zones. All of these services and updates will be available as long as your device is fully operational. Fully operational means that the device is able to receive software updates, service updates, content and works with current accessories. A device will not be fully operational when one of these can no longer be received by the device or is no longer available. As the map and navigation software techno­logies evolve they may require newer hardware technology to support this. In case the hardware is no longer compatible, updates will not be possible. Services and updates can only be used on the device they have been purchased. with and cannot be transferred to another device.

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