TomTom Introduces the World's First Truly Connected Navigation Device with Built-in SIM Card for Commercial Vehicles

Amsterdam, 15 March 2007: TomTom, the world's largest portable navigation solution provider, today reveals it is extending its TomTom WORK product portfolio with the new TomTom GO 715: the world's first portable navigation device with an integrated GPRS modem and SIM card.

From Mai 2007, the TomTom GO 715 will be available with WEBFLEET – a web based vehicle location tool, as part of the new TomTom WORK COMPACT solution for owners of commercial vehicles.*

The new TomTom GO 715 features TomTom's award winning software, precise door-to-door navigation across Europe and a built-in GPRS modem and SIM card for out-of-the box connected navigation services. The built-in GPRS modem and SIM card of the TomTom GO 715 ensure that users can send messages and location information between vehicles on the road and the WEBFLEET application more easily than ever before. Additionally, drivers have continuous and ultra-fast access to TomTom's most up-to-date traffic information. Fast and accurate traffic information is of particular importance for TomTom WORK users.

This is a world's first and presents a major step for TomTom towards making connected navigation services a reality for a much wider audience of companies and their drivers, says Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer. TomTom WORK COMPACT is a fully integrated, plug & GO solution that does not require any specialist installation, dramatically reducing the total cost for connected services.

TomTom WORK Product portfolioTomTom WORK is TomTom's product and services solution and offers integrated navigation, tracking, tracing and two-way data communication for owners of fleets of all sizes. The WEBFLEET application comes preloaded with easy reporting software ready for immediate use. The extended TomTom WORK portfolio gives owners of commercial vehicles more choice than ever in choosing what is right for their business.

TomTom GO 715 comes complete with the same easy-to-use navigation software, best routes, 3D map view and spoken instructions as the TomTom GO range. Additionally, the TomTom GO 715 has hands-free functionality via Bluetooth-enabled phones and comes pre-installed with the most up-to-date door to door map of Western Europe stored on the memory card.

TomTom WORK COMPACT, from 1.80 Euro per day **:

  • WEBFLEET: a web based tracking and tracing service that monitors and guides vehicles and staff, as well as managing and planning business;
  • TomTom GO 715: new portable navigation device with integrated GPRS modem and built-in SIM card for door-to-door navigation across Europe and optimised communication between vehicles and the WEBFLEET system;
  • Basic reports such as trip reports, message reports, working times, event report and order reports.

TomTom WORK ACTIVE, from 2 Euro per day*:

  • TomTom LINK: a compact unit fixed in each vehicle, enabling businesses to track and trace vehicles at all times and send messages and location information between vehicles and the online WEBFLEET service centre via GPS/GPRS;
  • WEBFLEET: a web based tracking and tracing service that monitors and guides vehicles and staff, as well as managing and planning business;
  • TomTom GO: TomTom's award winning portable navigation range with extensive door-to-door navigation across the USA and Europe;
  • Constant real-time localization and enhanced tracking and tracing of vehicles on the road;
  • Extensive data exchange on vehicle status and use;
  • Extensive reporting including different types of trip reports, message reports, working hours report and usage times

* TomTom GO 715 will only be available as part of TomTom WORK COMPACT. Initial availability of TomTom WORK COMPACT will be in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

** Price is based on a usage period of 36 months and excludes VAT. For more detailed price information, please speak with a TomTom WORK representative.

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