LINK Vehicle Tracking Devices

Track real-time vehicle location and driving behaviour.

The LINK vehicle tracking device gives you far more than just positioning data. Your vehicles can stay connected to your business with additional insights on driving behaviour, engine diagnostics and more information in and around the vehicle.

Vehicle tracking devices

LINK 245

Plug & play self installed vehicle tracking solution with Bluetooth ® for combustion and electric fleets

Can connect to PRO 8475, TomTom PRO 8275, TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK.

LINK 640

Fixed install­ation vehicle tracking device for cars and LCVs

Cannot connect to PRO.

LINK 740

Future-proof vehicle tracking and fleet management for any type of vehicle

Can connect to TomTom PRO 7350, TomTom PRO 7350 TRUCK, PRO 8475, PRO 8475 TRUCK.

Add-on devices

LINK 105

Add-on device for fuel information

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Requires LINK 410, LINK 510, LINK 710, LINK 740.

Asset tracking device

LINK 340

Monitor the positions and usage of your trailers, machinery and powered equipment.

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Cannot connect to PRO, LINK 105.

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