Workflow Management

Manage your workflow, improve customer service and get more jobs done

Workflow Management

Manage your workflow, improve customer service and get more jobs done

Connect our Webfleet workflow management solution with a PRO Driver Terminal and get all the valuable information you need about your orders and drivers. Our trans­port­ation management system supports seamless commu­nic­ation with your team in the field and helps you to streamline your workflow management. The net result? Happier customers, increased efficiency and so more jobs done.

Explore our workflow management solutions

Profes­sional navigation

Profes­sional navigation

Stay on the fastest routes and get more jobs done with best-in-class navigation and live traffic updates

Dynamic dispatching

Webfleet - Dynamic dispatching
Dynamic dispatching

Boost productivity and enhance your customer service by efficiently scheduling and following assignments

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

Stay on top of your fleet's maintenance tasks with advanced vehicle diagnostics to help you increase safety and reduce costs

Tools and apps for workflow management

Driver terminals

PRO Driver Terminals
Driver terminals

Optimise your fleet with navigation, commu­nic­ation and reporting tools

Operations management app

Operations management app

Stay connected to your vehicles, drivers and assets even if you're working on the go

Workflow management app

Workflow management app

Digitise your workflow and improve efficiency with one mobile app for your drivers

Vehicle inspections app

Vehicle inspections app

Make your drivers’ daily vehicle inspections easier

Mileage tracking app

Digital mileage tracking
Mileage tracking app

Reduce time-con­suming manual reporting with an digital mileage logbook and trip regis­tration

Webfleet's workflow management software helps you

Optimise order management workflow and complete more orders

Keep your drivers and customers happy

Provide best-in-class ETAs* for customers

Stay flexible in planning, so you can adapt to the unexpected

Reduce time spent on admin­is­tration tasks

Integrate with other business applic­a­tions to get the ideal system for your workflow management

Our workflow management software's key features

Dynamic order dispatch and workflow management

Webfleet helps you identify the best suited driver for each job using smart scheduling and dispatch with order status, vehicle status and award-winning traffic info.

Order Optim­isation** optimises your sequence of visits in one click. This helps you to plan smarter, reduce mileage, serve your customers better and get more orders done.

Dynamic order dispatch and workflow management
Seamless commu­nic­ation due to workflow management

Seamless commu­nic­ation

Send jobs and order instruc­tions straight from your office to your driver’s PRO Driver Terminal. The terminal then reads the message aloud to avoid distracting the driver.

You stay connected with your team in the field, getting regular updates on order status and ETAs, so you can react dynamically to unexpected events.

Best-in-class ETAs

Webfleet’ award-winning traffic information helps you give more accurate ETAs to customers.

Profes­sional Navigation uses a complex network of live traffic data and advanced algorithms to help your drivers avoid traffic, improve their workflow and get to the job on time.

Best-in-class ETAs due to workflow management
Automated processes and reporting with a workflow management system

Automated processes and reporting

Webfleet's workflow management software takes distracting, time-con­suming manual tasks off your plate. Logbook with real-time odometer and working time regis­tration are both automated, for more accurate reporting and less time spent on admin­is­tration.

Meanwhile, you get job-by-job insight with accurate time spent with clients and automated invoices, which can speed up billing and make disputes less likely.

Everything you need to control cost

Webfleet's workflow management software comes with a range of features to help decrease your vehicle's total cost of ownership, using rich data from vehicle integration.

As well as receiving regular maintenance schedule alerts, you're automat­ically notified when a vehicle shows signs of malfunction. Then you can plan maintenance before a costly breakdown occurs. You can also monitor fuel consumption to identify driving behaviour that's pushing up costs.

Everything you need to control cost in your workflow
Driving behaviour feedback and analysis in a workflow management dashboard

Driving behaviour feedback and analysis

With analysis of driving behaviour, Webfleet gives you the information you need to improve your workflow management and optimise your driver's performance in the field.

Active driver feedback and advice is displayed on the PRO Driver Terminal in a way that won’t disturb your drivers. This helps them remain safe on the road, maintaining a good reputation for your business.

Learn more about OptiDrive⁠

Your operation workflow at-a-glance

Webfleet is constantly providing data to help you manage your workflow and improve your business processes.

With accurate information on time spent on location, order status, trip information, working times and driver performance, amongst many other facts and figures, you can clearly judge what areas of your operation need to be developed.

Webfleet’s workflow management solution
Customise and integrate your workflow management

Customise and integrate

You can easily integrate other business applic­a­tions with Webfleet to get exactly the solution you need. For example, synchronise with CRM and billing systems and get a more complete view of essential data that reduces admin­is­tration work.

Using the PRO 8275 Driver Terminal, you can customise workflow management further. It handles activities like vehicle checks and delivery data capture via barcode scanning and digital signature in combination with 3rd party applic­a­tions. All of your data is then stored in one system.

Manage your fleet operations on the go

You don't need to be at your desk to manage your fleet. With Webfleet Mobile, it's all right there in the palm of your hand.


  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • Two-way commu­nic­ation
  • Trip management
  • Dispatch new orders and jobs
  • Notific­a­tions and alerts
More about Webfleet Mobile⁠
Manage your fleet operations on the go
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Bundles for workflow management

Don’t know which workflow management solution best fits your needs? Webfleet offers a TOTAL bundle to give you all the efficiency and productivity benefits you need in one package. Whether you want to optimise driver commu­nic­ation or end-to-end workflow management, we have you covered. A one-time install­ation minimises vehicle downtime, speeding up your return on investment.



* ETA = estimated time of arrival** Order Optim­isation requires an additional feature subscription.

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