Order dispatching and optim­isation

Get more jobs done and improve customer satis­faction

Schedule, monitor and report fleet assignments more efficiently with Webfleet. Complete more orders and provide better customer service by providing real-time order tracking and best-in-class estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

Webfleet helps you

Boost efficiency

Complete more orders at a lower operational cost

Ensure on-time delivery

Optimise your routes with real-time traffic updates

Improve customer service

Share order status and send proof of delivery

React faster

Get more flexible control over your order schedule

Monitor your orders

Oversee fleet performance with dashboards and reports

Manage drivers on the go

Send orders and updates directly to their mobile phones

Key features

Order scheduling and dispatching

Schedule and dispatch orders with one order sequence, so you can predicte and visualise routes for your drivers. With flexible order scheduling from Webfleet, you can easily reschedule and reassign orders from your backlog with a simple drag-and-drop. React faster in the case of last-minute requests and get full control over the sequence of assignments.

order management drag and drop
order optimisation

Order and route optim­isation

Plan the best routes for your fleet with just a click. Webfleet calculates the fastest routes between destin­a­tions and shows you the order optim­isation potential based on historical and real-time traffic. This helps you boost your operational efficiency and lower your business costs.

Order dashboard and reporting

Our order dashboard provides you with a quick snapshot of your fleet's overall performance trends. Meanwhile, the order reporting tool offers detailed insights on KPIs for your fleet and drivers. Choose one of five premade order reports or create your own.

order dashboard
order attachment

Order attachments

Easily attach PDFs or images to your orders. Dispatchers can upload documents for additional order information, while drivers can access order attachments and upload pictures upon completing a job using Work App or PRO 8475.

Real-time order status sharing

Enhance your customer experience by providing real-time order tracking and reliable ETAs. Pinpoint vehicle locations using our GPS order tracking and keep customers updated on order status by simply sharing uniquely generated URLs. No logging is needed, since the URLs are accessible to your customers.

order status haring
wf work app driver app

Manage orders with the driver app

Make it easy for drivers to manage daily tasks with their mobile phones. From checking job routes to commu­nic­ating with the back office, all can be done with Webfleet Work App. Your drivers can also get direct feedback on their driving style, helping them to become better drivers.

Discover Work App

All you need to know about order dispatching and optim­isation

How can I improve my delivery efficiency?

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Your fleet can improve delivery efficiency by imple­menting an advanced telematics solution. With an order scheduling feature, for instance, it's easy to streamline your delivery workflows, since GPS tracking techno­logies help you monitor the locations of your delivery vehicles and know the progress of your orders.

What is the benefit of Webfleet for order delivery?

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Webfleet order dispatching and optim­isation enables you to schedule, dispatch, track and report your order assignments with a single solution. Our solution is simple and flexible, giving you a best-in-class user experience and better dispatch control over your orders.

What is order optim­isation?

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Order optim­isation refers to the process of selecting the ideal path of travel relative to several key consid­er­a­tions. Many factors contribute to order optim­iz­ation, including the number of turns, the traffic patterns, and access to necessary amenities such as fuelling stations or rest stops.

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