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We are proud to work with the following partners who can provide you with value-added services to get the most out of Webfleet and help accelerate the growth of your business.


Manage and reduce damage in your fleet efficiently using ClearQuote integration. Increase fleet and driver safety.


Helping your organ­isation transition and scale your complex EV commercial fleets, to deliver operational resilience while meeting carbon reduction targets.


TDS Ultra are innovators in fleet data consol­id­ation that analyses fleet big data into actionable insights that cut corporate fleet costs, eliminate driver and road risk and reduce fleet decar­bon­isation.


Praxedo is the leading cloud-based Field Service Software for companies with mobile technicians. The solution is composed of two comple­mentary modules:
- A web app for dispatching and schedule optim­iz­ation, as well as real-time monitoring of activity in the field.
- A mobile app for field technicians on which they access work orders and send reports. Data is automat­ically synchronized between the Web and Mobile apps.


Nomadia is the France’s leading SaaS publisher of smart mobility solutions for mobile profes­sionals, including sales repres­ent­atives, technicians and delivery drivers. With more than 30 years of expertise, Nomadia offers high value-added solutions that cover all the daily needs of field profes­sionals: business-ori­ented mobile applic­a­tions, route optim­iz­ation, Field Service Management, CRM SFA, geomar­keting… Nomadia also provides its customers with a tailor-made support, from data consulting to the deployment of mobile devices.


Chargylize is an independent provider of data-based solutions in the field of e-mobility.
In 2020, Chargylize was founded as a spin-off of thaltegos, a management consultancy special­ising in big data and data analytics.
Chargylize is a team of enthusiasts, developers, data specialists and experienced startup managers working to create innovative services. They offer several SaaS products in the field of e-mobility.


Making fleet inspections simple, efficient & accurate. Use ClearQuote / Clear­Inspect app to inspect vehicles and automat­ically identify and assess vehicle condition and damage based on images and AI. Make vehicle handovers transparent, increase account­ab­ility and reduce damage costs. Optional custom­izable checklist to make it fully suitable for a range of daily walkaround checks, pre-trip checks, handover inspections etc.

Fleet Focus

Since 2009 we have been at the forefront of vehicle camera technology, driven by a clear vision to improve fleet safety, productivity and efficiency. Continuous investment in service delivery and relentless innovation mean that today our systems monitor and protect thousands of fleets across the UK, Europe and North America. Seamlessly combining telematics, multicamera video, driver safety and accident management, our AI powered platform puts powerful features at the fingertips of our customers. Now more than ever it is clear that connected camera technology has a vital part to play in equipping businesses to meet the challenges facing modern fleets.


VEV helps organ­isa­tions deliver on their carbon reduction ambitions with an end-to-end fleet electri­fic­ation solution integrated across vehicles, charging infra­structure and power. We cover strategy, design, imple­ment­ation and EV fleet operations.

TDS Ultra

TDS Ultra are innovators in fleet data consol­id­ation. Built on highly modern technology, we manage fleet big data to cut corporate fleet costs, eliminate driver and road risk and support fleet decar­bon­isation. In our long working relationship with Webfleet we have saved clients millions on their costs through connecting rich telemetry data to the rest of the fleet supply chain to provide clear actionable insights that are commu­nicated across the corporate hierarchy. Our solution is highly config­urable to ensure that our clients can get the reporting they need to tackle their require­ments and goals.


MANTIS – Your trusted UK leader in connected CCTV solutions, exceeding industry standards and delivering unmatched safety for your fleet. Experience the power of Webfleet integration with our MANTIS DVS IQ kit, gain real-time driver insights, automatic email alerts for video loss or storage issues, daily health check reports, and proactive fault monitoring with automatic reporting to our expert support team. Choose MANTIS for CCTV that goes beyond compliance, ensuring the ultimate safety and security of your UK fleet.


Revolu­tionise driver safety with Praiso's award-winning cloud-based solution. Praiso uses telematics data and an innovative driver education system to enhance driver behaviour and reduce risk. Praiso provides skilled digital tutoring that transforms behaviour in real-time. Predictive and targeted coaching messages, assistance programmes, and remedial campaigns are sent online directly to drivers using Praiso's unique software platform. Convenient access via the Praiso app, desktop or tablet. Use Praiso's expert content or develop your own for a more person­alised driver training experience. Praiso rewards safer drivers, this yields sustainable learning, well-being, and greater ROIs such as reducing fleet costs and insurance premiums.

Ecatenate Ltd

Ecatenate deliver innovation and trans­form­ation to help our customers tackle change, solve problems, and create new oppor­tun­ities. Our strong team of consultants and full-stack developers build end-to-end solutions and integ­ra­tions across web, mobile, data and telematics platforms. We have a deep under­standing of designing, building, connecting, and optimising digital platforms. We have an excellent track record of integrating systems and building API’s, Ecommerce, and apps for Windows desktop, mobile and web. Our telematics expertise includes Webfleet API development and integration, telematics data cleansing and transfer.Our platform experience is based around SQL Server, .NET and Azure. Formistica is a digital forms and service management app. Formistica provides job scheduling, resource management, Webfleet order integration all driven by custom digital forms. Formistica is a versatile “no code” solution to streamline job scheduling and service management operations.


AGG SMART is a paperless shipping system developed specifically for the concrete and aggregate sectors. It is a complete "end to end" solution, managing everything from customers, to quotes, to job planning, to delivery tracking, to invoicing and reporting.

Eurora Group

Eurora Group is a forward-thinking technology provider who deliver software solutions for a range of organ­isa­tions who operate a transport department. It’s ingrained in our DNA to have a passion for delivering innovative, modern technology that is simple to use whilst providing high levels of service and pro-act­ively driving your project through to completion. Our Cyrus software suite incor­porates a TMS platform that manages your whole transport operation from receiving orders, through to planning, execution, through to invoice. Our industry leading ePOD application helps clients to digitise any paperwork whilst automating your service to customers through customer portals and notific­a­tions.

FLS - Fast Lean Smart

Speed up your field service and increase the satis­faction of your employees and customers with dynamic scheduling and intelligent route optim­isation from the technology leader. FLS VISITOUR is a hidden champion, leading to approx­im­ately 30%-50% less driving for your field operatives. Our genuine real-time technology is remarkably flexible to individual customer needs, is implemented quicker, and achieves more accurate scheduling and routing than altern­atives. Your field force will appreciate precision features such as actual traffic-based driving speeds and self-learning artificial intel­li­gence for job durations. This leads to significant productivity gains and improves on-time delivery and first-time fix rates. Save fuel and CO2 emissions with transparent decision making, in-day re-op­tim­isation, and balanced workloads.


ICanProve.IT delivers innovative solutions to connect and protect your vehicles & drivers. Fitting your vehicles with inter­net-con­nected, automated camera systems from ICanProve.IT’s Videmus will help you to reduce fleet risk. With up to 16 high-quality lenses per vehicle, all-round 360⁰ views, live-streaming, searchable video that is always-on (no matter what shape or size those vehicles are), you can resolve insurance claims quickly and easily. Meanwhile, our Interpres box can connect existing analogue on-board technology to the Internet of Things, boosting visibility and compliance with real-time reporting. And our analytics platform, VideoMatics, integrates the whole into easy-to-un­der­stand online reports.


Aptean is a leading developer of advanced Routing and Scheduling, Execution and Mobile ePOD software, proven to meet the challenges of transport operations across the globe. The Aptean Routing & Scheduling software helps reduce planning time, cut trans­port­ation costs by up to 30%, create more accurate routes, improve customer commu­nic­ation, and cut carbon emissions. Combining Aptean’s Live Planning module, Aptean Route Execution Paragon Edition, with Aptean’s Routing & Scheduling software allows you to easily compare the progress of your drivers against the plan in real-time. Enabling you to review daily distri­bution performance, deliver excellent customer service, and improve operational performance.

TDi (Transport Data Interchange Ltd)

TDi provides market-leading, cloud-based software solutions to the transport and logistics industry. Ranging from our long-term tachograph analysis solutions through to TransMaS Transport Management System. TDi's disc-check software can be fully integrated with Webfleet, so that your tachograph data can be remotely downloaded and analysed from anywhere.


FleetCheck’s award-winning software makes the job of managing a fleet easier. Whether you have 15 vans or 500 HGVs, it helps you to stay in control, knowing everything you need to know with no nasty surprises. It integrates with over 250 data streams, meaning you can manage drivers’ walk-around checks, licence checks, vehicle maintenance, incidents and defects, helping you maintain your compliance with confidence. It is simple to install and our team will guide you with full training and support. For peace of mind and to save both time and money, choose FleetCheck.


MaxOptra helps forward thinking businesses and brands to deliver incredible customer experiences through simplified route optim­isation, smarter fleet management, innovative customer commu­nic­a­tions, and an overall fast and reliable delivery service. Profes­sional, dynamic, and straight­forward – from start to finish, the MaxOptra experience is refresh­ingly simple, highly efficient, and rewarding.

Distinctive Systems (Coach Manager)

Distinctive Systems has been established for almost 40 years and is the world’s leading supplier of management software for coach, bus and tour operators. From our head office in the UK and national offices in the USA and Australia, we support our clients in the daily use of over 2,585 of our latest Microsoft SQL Server based systems. Distinctive Systems Coach Manager is a start to finish solution for the management of private hire and contract work specially designed for coach, minibus, chauffeur and community transport operators.


The easiest way to park! Start and stop automat­ically with Parkd and save up to 20% on your parking costs.


ping is a global voice-based technology company focused safety, convenience and productivity to drivers. Distracted driving causes 71% of fleet collisions. Injuries, equipment damage, insurance hikes and legal fees cost employers millions every year. ping’s patented apps and SDK remove the “urge” for drivers to check their phones by reading emails, texts, dispatch notific­a­tions and any other time-sens­itive messages out loud automat­ically, so they stay focused on the road. Workers save time, fuel and frustration when trip details change. ping delivers eyes-free, hands-free convenience for drivers to increase productivity, reduce risk and eliminate losses caused by driver distraction.


GetHomeSafe is a suite of convenient, easy-to-use, and most importantly - highly engaging welfare monitoring solutions designed for lone, remote and mobile workers. Since 2012, GetHomeSafe has been on a mission to help create a safer world by developing easy-to-use, yet powerful welfare monitoring technology. We exist to revolu­tionise how organ­isa­tions look after their staff. With many safety solutions overly clunky, difficult to use, unengaging or too expensive, we focus on a simple goal - getting people home safely by engaging them with simple technology when working alone or on-the-move GetHomeSafe provides highly config­urable and cost effective systems to allow every organ­isation to provide the highest quality protection to their staff.


For over 15 years he has been special­izing in the digit­iz­ation of operational processes in the field of mobile services. The offer includes standard solutions in the field of mobile forms, order handling, inspection, construction, transport, real estate, security and sales. Thanks to the OmniMove MobileForms Mobility Platform, you can easily create your own application (without IT back-end) that will handle business processes.

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