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We are proud to work with the following partners who can provide you with value-added services to get the most out of Webfleet and help accelerate the growth of your business.


Praxedo is the leading cloud-based Field Service Software for companies with mobile technicians. The solution is composed of two comple­mentary modules:
- A web app for dispatching and schedule optim­iz­ation, as well as real-time monitoring of activity in the field.
- A mobile app for field technicians on which they access work orders and send reports. Data is automat­ically synchronized between the Web and Mobile apps.


Nomadia is the France’s leading SaaS publisher of smart mobility solutions for mobile profes­sionals, including sales repres­ent­atives, technicians and delivery drivers. With more than 30 years of expertise, Nomadia offers high value-added solutions that cover all the daily needs of field profes­sionals: business-ori­ented mobile applic­a­tions, route optim­iz­ation, Field Service Management, CRM SFA, geomar­keting… Nomadia also provides its customers with a tailor-made support, from data consulting to the deployment of mobile devices.


Fleetio's suite of cloud-and mobile-based fleet management solutions helps fleets of all sizes streamline fleet maintenance operations, simplify management of driver records and assignments, reduce fuel costs and share respon­si­bil­ities and data among team members. Fleets can manage maintenance, reminders, fuel, vehicle inspections, recalls and more using Fleetio.

HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert’s mission is to build lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, colli­sion-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service sends real-time digital alerts to drivers and connected cars via vehicle dashboards and infotainment systems, navigation appli­ca­tions, and smartphones to aid drivers earlier in making safer, smarter driving decisions. For more information, visit or contact


Omadi's cloud-based towing software is made on a fully config­urable platform that can easily be modified to fit your business' needs. This means that rather than conforming your business to your software, Omadi conforms to fit your business. Omadi allows you to make informed decisions by giving you the data you need when you need it. Omadi replaces the need for multiple software solutions and helps your business be more flexible, provide greater account­ability, give more transparent service, and become more efficient than ever before.

Rosco Vision

Rosco is a leading global supplier of vision safety solutions to the bus and truck marketplace with over 115 years of engineering and manufac­turing experience. Since 1907, Rosco has been headquar­tered in New York City, keeping their products engineered, manufac­tured, and supported in the USA. Today, Rosco remains the largest manufac­turer of bus mirrors in North America and continues to develop techno­logical innovations for safer roads. Rosco’s intelligent solutions include AI-powered cameras and recording, cutting edge collision avoidance systems and cloud based SaaS platforms that improve safety, fleet efficiency, and driver produc­tivity. Rosco’s staff has grown to over 275 employees in facilities totaling 175,000 square feet.

Route Solutions

RouteS­o­lu­tions has offered robust software solutions for fleet managers since 2004. Our turnkey systems including both advanced route planning through RouteS­o­lu­tions offerings and Connected Navigation through the Webfleet offerings.


SuccessWare21 was formed in 1993 as a contractor owned company special­izing in developing business management software for the residential service industry. Since our inception, we have focused specif­i­cally on the needs of contractors in the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Roofing fields. Our focus on meeting the specific needs of these types of companies has made us the recommended software choice many of the largest national (and inter­na­tional) contracting groups in North America.

Towbook Software

Towbook is secure, web-based towing software built for towing companies. Towbook integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, and is accessible from any computer or smartphone with access to the internet. Only Towbook allows you to securely access your entire towing management software system from any device or computer - at anytime. Use Towbook in the office, on the road, at home, anywhere. Towbook integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, and is accessible from any computer or smartphone with access to the internet.

Tracker Management Systems LLC

Tracker offers vehicle tracking and 2-way commu­ni­cation with the drivers via Webfleet. Dispatch tow calls from motor clubs or police dept calls to the nearest available truck. The dispatched calls contain all the information required by the driver to complete the job. Drivers can record status information such as En-route, Arrived, Hooked, Dropped and Clear back into Tracker Dispatch without speaking to the dispatcher. Drivers add add. information such as Tow Ticker number and P.O. Once the information is sent to Tracker, Tracker will price the call and send it to the driver. Tracker processes records and produces statements, tickets, impound lot reports, lien letters, commission reports, job costing of the fleet, response time reports.


Eliminate data entry with the Truckbase TMS, which is built for growing asset-based carriers. From dispatch to invoicing and settlements, Truckbase simplifies managing your fleet, increases efficiency, and provides peace of mind. The Truckbase + Webfleet integration leverages GPS data to provide relevant information to dispatchers, config­urable customer updates, and load tracking via Truckbase's customer portal.


Trucker­Cloud provides carriers a way to seamlessly integrate Webfleet telematics data (hours of service, location, drivers, assets) with their fuel cards, payment platforms, IFTA reporting, insurance, customers, and more.


ping is a global voice-based technology company focused safety, convenience and productivity to drivers. Distracted driving causes 71% of fleet collisions. Injuries, equipment damage, insurance hikes and legal fees cost employers millions every year. ping’s patented apps and SDK remove the “urge” for drivers to check their phones by reading emails, texts, dispatch notific­a­tions and any other time-sens­itive messages out loud automat­ically, so they stay focused on the road. Workers save time, fuel and frustration when trip details change. ping delivers eyes-free, hands-free convenience for drivers to increase productivity, reduce risk and eliminate losses caused by driver distraction.

Beacon Software LLC

Dispatch Anywhere, a complete towing, recovery and roadside assistance internet software package that automates and tracks a job's progress through entry, dispatching and billing, uses Webfleet to make commu­ni­cation easier.


Route4Me, Inc. provides the world's most-used dynamic route sequencing and optimization software platform for small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises. Highly intuitive and easy to use, the Route4Me platform allows customers to create, share, manage, track and drive optimized routes in a matter of seconds. Completely cloud-based, Route4Me is ideal for fleets of any size.


Swoop is a solution focused software provider focused on the towing and auto-ser­vices sectors. While many vendors focus on dispatch and back office software, Swoop focuses exclusively on delivering the best experience to your customers. Our proprietary technology is an advanced web application, for all types of users with any level of complexity. With our simple, efficient and effective route finder, planning routes becomes a quick and easy task. Plan a route using our vehicle routing service and you'll have your route plan ready in seconds.

Zip Solutions

Zip Solutions is World Class Field Service Software for both residential and commercial service profes­sionals. Its flexibility provides solutions for offices of all sizes - ranging from companies with part-time office staffs, to franchise operations, to offices that manage multiple brands with centralized call centers - and every size in between.

MP Cloud Technologies

MedaPoint is revolu­tion­izing emergency medical services (EMS) - by delivering efficient, state-of-the art billing and dispatch solutions which are both affordable and accessible. Built on ground­breaking technology and dynamic vision, our appli­ca­tions currently support more than 1,500 private and municipal EMS providers. We offer a compre­hensive 100% Web-based solution purposely built for EMS, available through our unique "pay as you go" subscription model.

Service Titan

The leading service business run ServiceTitan, including the most successful Mr.Router, Nexstar, Mr Electric, and QSC companies. ServiceTitan is an end to end provider that integrates phone, GPS, and customer/sales data into a single, compre­hensive solution for the home industry.

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