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Rosco is a leading global supplier of vision safety solutions to the bus and truck marketplace with over 115 years of engineering and manufac­turing experience. Since 1907, Rosco has been headquar­tered in New York City, keeping their products engineered, manufac­tured, and supported in the USA. Today, Rosco remains the largest manufac­turer of bus mirrors in North America and continues to develop techno­logical innovations for safer roads. Rosco’s intelligent solutions include AI-powered cameras and recording, cutting edge collision avoidance systems and cloud based SaaS platforms that improve safety, fleet efficiency, and driver produc­tivity. Rosco’s staff has grown to over 275 employees in facilities totaling 175,000 square feet.

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Key solutions

  • Don’t just see WHAT happened, know WHY it happened. Add the power of video to your fleet management with the new Webfleet and DV6 + RoscoLive integration. Access the RoscoLive platform seamlessly through your Webfleet interface and instantly connect with your drivers on the road.
  • Don’t miss a thing with Rosco’s DV6 expanded cameras option. Get up to 6 camera views and gain visibility of the most important areas of your fleet - whether it’s the cargo area, rear backup, or sides of your vehicle.
  • Get access to driver reports and safety trend reports to find areas for improvement within your fleet. Match your drivers to data to identify your safest drivers, and those that may need more coaching to work more efficiently.
  • Rosco’s DV6 and RoscoLive® cloud platform communicate via 4G LTE connection - fully tested and certified by major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Installation and calibration are all made simple with the Rosco Installation app available for Android and iOS. Follow the step by step instructions and send a complete installation report when the installation is complete. After installation, maintenance is made simple with over-the-air (OTA) maintenance so updates and patches can be synced wirelessly.
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2 adjustable HD cameras (1080P, 720p) - expandable to 6 views


Live streaming available for all connected DV6 devices (no additional fees)


AI and Event alerts – notifications can be customized to the driver and fleet manager


ADAS alerts including Forward Collision Warning, Headway Monitoring, Tailgating


DMS alerts including drowsiness, inattention, phone use


Event alerts including speeding, harsh braking, driver alert

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