Green & Safe driving

Help to improve driving behavior and save on fuel

Green & Safe driving

Help to improve driving behavior and save on fuel

Webfleet provides both the fleet manager and drivers with detailed driving behavior information. Everyone is empowered to act, before, during and after each trip. Keep your vehicles and your drivers green and safe with a fleet management solution like Webfleet. Become greener and drive safer with vehicle tracking, it helps reducing your mileage numbers.

Green & Safe driving features

Help to improve driving behavior

In order to help drivers improve their driving style we developed OptiDrive 360. We offer one of the most complete approaches to contin­u­ously improve your fleet's driving performance.

OptiDrive 360 allows your teams to Learn, Get Coached, Evaluate and Compare on a wide set of driving performance indicators.

Drivers get direct feedback and predictive driving advice while driving, and Webfleet clearly presents the savings potential to the fleet manager.

See how Webfleet helps you improve you fleet's driving behavior.

OptiDrive 360⁠
Help to improve driving behavior
Monitor fuel usage and carbon emissions for green, safe driving.

Monitor fuel usage and carbon emissions for green, safe driving.

Get real-time and historical insight into your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions. Spot trends or anomalies with the fuel efficiency dashboard and compare performance over time with fuel and carbon reporting. Green and safe driving which reduces costs.

Our LINK in-car devices retrieve the information from the vehicle and presents it in Webfleet. Whether you have passenger cars or work vehicles, we have a reliable solution for you.

Keep your vehicles well-main­tained

Know your vehicles are well maintained. With Webfleet vehicle maintenance you’ll be notified if a vehicle has diagnostic troubles. And you can plan maintenance tasks based on real-time mileage information. Help your fleet to stay green and safe.

Vehicle maintenance⁠
Keep your vehicles well-main­tained

All you need to know about eco driving

How do I make my fleet greener?

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To make your fleet greener, start with under­standing the unique needs and dynamics of your business. Should you double the efforts to reduce the fleet's carbon emissions? Or maybe it's time to start replacing older vehicles with electric models? Analyse what can be done immediately and what requires longer-term commitments. From there, develop an action plan to make your fleet greener. Looking for a quick start? Explore the Green Your Fleet initiative by Webfleet and Justdiggit.

What is a green fleet policy?

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A green fleet policy states a fleet company's sustain­ab­ility mission and values. It also outlines specific goals the fleet business strives to achieve. A green fleet policy reflects envir­on­mental respons­ib­ility, with concrete actions that every team member in the company can take. Greener driving usually makes up a core part of the policy—reducing emissions is essential for the transport industry.

What is sustainable fleet management strategy?

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A sustainable fleet management strategy combines fleet management skills with digital solutions. By leveraging real-time and historical data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, fleet managers can identify which actions can improve the company's sustain­ab­ility. Driving behaviour plays a role in fuel efficiency and vehicle condition, so a sustainable fleet management strategy should incorporate driver coaching/training programmes based on green driving.

What are some eco-friendly driving techniques?

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Eco-friendly driving includes techniques that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Using cruise control to maintain a constant speed on highways is one of the most eco-friendly driving techniques. Avoiding hard accel­er­ation, minimising idling, shifting gears appro­pri­ately and coasting where it's safe to do so are also effective eco-driving techniques.

Does eco driving reduce accidents?

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Driving at lower, envir­on­mentally responsible speeds reduces the likelihood of accidents. Since driver response times and behaviours like braking and steering are affected by speed, eco driving is safer driving. The greenest speed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles is 40 to 50 miles per hour (though this green speed could differ by vehicle).

Eco driving: Key benefits

Cut costs

Eco driving is one of the smartest ways to reduce fuel cost.

Safer driving

Help to improve driving behavior and save on fuel

Less carbon

You are enabled to reduce your carbon emissions with eco driving.

Green credentials

Contribute to your commitment of being environ­men­tally responsible.

Webfleet eco driving reports

Fuel consumption report

Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles and see exceptional events.

ttb fuel consumption report
wf co2 report

CO2 report

Monitor your carbon footprint with CO2 information about every vehicle and trip. Greener, safer driving made easy.

OptiDrive report

Get insight in the driving behavior of your drivers, and enable driver behavior solutions.

report optidrive360
ttb maintenance report

Maintenance report

Be alerted when your vehicles are ready for maintenance.

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