Fleet management for healthcare companies

Manage and optimize your healthcare fleet activity

Webfleet offers you a full suite of tools to run a reliable and efficient fleet. The Webfleet fleet management solution helps you provide proof of care, cut your costs, and identify areas where your workflow could be improved.


Reduce admin­is­tration and expenses

Improve driving behavior and reduce risk

Keep your business compliant and pass regulated inspections

What can Webfleet do for your healthcare fleet?

Proof of care made easy.

Fleet management for healthcare: Proof of care made easy

Proof of care made easy.

Webfleet automat­i­cally reports on the hours staff spend at care homes and on the road between visits. At any time, know where all your staff are – when an emergency call comes in, you can dispatch the caregiver who will be fastest to arrive, improving your efficiency and response.

Reduce your overhead.

Fleet management for healthcare: Reduce your overhead

Reduce your overhead.

Keep your mobile phone calls, mileage and admin time to a minimum. Our vehicle tracking technology and two-way commu­ni­cation system let you locate the care worker with the shortest time to arrive, then instantly send them a patient's address. Also, get reliable reports on staff journeys to track their expense claims.

Help your team provide care more efficiently.

Help your team provide healthcare more efficiently with fleet management

Help your team provide care more efficiently.

Webfleet records the time caregivers spend with patients, on breaks, and traveling from one care home to the next – and spots areas for improvement.

The Webfleet advantage

50,000 clients

ISO 27001 certified

Partners near you

Industry leading R&D

Power your existing systems with partner apps

Power your existing systems with Webfleet partner apps

Power your existing systems with partner apps

It’s easy to integrate Webfleet into your existing systems and power partner appli­ca­tions and data. Capture all your care activities, the question paths you want your drivers to answer and be able to prove the care you delivered.

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Return on investment in six to nine months on average

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