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Fleet management for Delivery & Logistics industries

Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

Reduce operating costs while increasing driver safety and delivering on-time, every time. The biggest frustration for customers is having no insights in which time path a delivery will be dropped off or picked up. By making use to the full extent of Webfleet Solutions products your service levels can exceed customer expec­ta­tions. Direct insights in timing of your fleet can help your business to optimize the planning and will finally result in saving costs.

Smarter working for a flexible mobile team, start with our PRO telematics products and find out how easy it is to start.

On-time Deliveries

  • Always be on-time with traffic-based navigation and truck­-spe­cific routing
  • Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs).
  • Proof of delivery

Real-time Fleet Visibility

  • Dispatch closest available units and know exactly how they’re performing
  • On-time fleet arrivals, accurate mileage tracking
  • Driver performance scoring for safe and efficient driving practices

Planning and Scheduling

  • Plan and dispatch orders with WEBFLEET
  • Optimize the planning, scheduling and delivery of orders with 3rd party solutions

The Webfleet Solutions advantage

50,000 clients

ISO 27001 certified

Partners near you

Industry leading R&D

Our industry partners

Logistics and Route Optimization

Optimize route plans and upload directly to WEBFLEET.

Route4Me provides dynamic route optimization for fleets, 3PLs, last-mile delivery companies and field service companies.

Leading organi­za­tions in the newspaper, postal and parcel delivery, public works and utilities industries have to come to rely on RouteSmart Technologies to solve their complex routing problems.

Dynamic real-time software scheduling solution integrated with WEBFLEET.

Web-based solution to plan work schedules, dispatch plans and monitor schedule compliance.

Plan the optimal routes for your fleet and dispatch them directly to PRO Driver Terminals installed in your vehicles.

Bi-di­rec­tional Interface between WEBFLEET and Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor.

Send and update optimized orders and job details and keep track of your vehicles with real-time reports on driving time.

Send jobs directly to the PRO and monitor the vehicle plan in real time using GPS data direct from WEBFLEET.

Optimize route plans and upload directly to WEBFLEET.

A national leader in student trans­portation management systems and services, offering routing and scheduling solutions.

Fleet Management

Compre­hensive fleet, staff and facility management using WEBFLEET data to save money and boost efficiency.

Get geolocation, automatic odometer updates and fuel location exception reporting with Fleetio’s integration to WEBFLEET.

Track and analyze routing and dispatch data from WEBFLEET to produce reports that help fleets optimize vehicle usage and mitigate risk.

ProMiles automates the manual process of drivers filling out Fuel Tax Automation Reports that are often (1) illegible (2) inaccurate or (3) lost in the mail.

Return on investment in six to nine months on average

See how WEBFLEET can help your business.

Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet SolutionsWebfleet Solutions

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