Fleet management for refrig­erated transport

Deliver refrig­erated goods to your customers on time and under the desired conditions and comply with temperature regis­tration obligations under the Food and Commodities Act.

Webfleet offers you a set of industry leading features and tools to manage a more efficient fleet. With real-time trip data, dynamic supply planning, and much more, you can deliver refrig­erated goods to your customers on time, while complying with the obligations of the Food and Commodities Act.


Monitor your trucks and refrig­erated containers on one interface

Gain visibility over dry-van and refrig­erated environ­ments

Stay on schedule to deliver on time

Boost produc­tivity and plan your workflow more efficiently

Lower your operating costs

Encourage drivers to be safer on the road

What can Webfleet do for your refrig­erated transport fleet?

Real-time trip and temperature logging

Real-time trip and temperature logging

With our refrig­erated transport solution, you know where your vehicles are at any time and what the current temperature values are in your vehicles. This enables you to deliver chilled goods in accordance with the rules of the Food and Commodities Act, while at the same time exceeding the expec­ta­tions of your customers.

Dynamic planning of supply

Dynamic planning of supply

With Webfleet, you can plan dynamically, allowing your drivers and employees in the office to work together more efficiently. Full insight ensures that the right vehicle can be sent to the customer based on the most efficient journey time. This ensures that the goods arrive fresh and on time. You can also keep your customers informed of an accurate estimated arrival time.

World-class truck navigation

World-class truck navigation

The PRO Truck offers you the map and routing specially designed for trucks and vans. This, combined with TomTom Traffic traffic information and IQ Routes, helps ensure that your drivers navigate with the more appropriate route to the customer. OptiDrive 360 also helps your drivers drive safer and more economical.

View current and historical temperature values

View current and historical temperature values

The current temperature values in your vehicles are displayed in Webfleet. Webfleet also offers you clear reports of historical temperature values, which you can easily view and download. In addition, it is also possible to alert the driver in the vehicle if the set limit values are exceeded.

The Webfleet advantage

60,000 clients

ISO 27001 certified

Partners near you

Industry leading R&D

Return on investment in six to nine months on average

See how Webfleet can help your business.

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