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A cookie is a text file placed on your computer, mobile device or device connected to your computer.

There are different types of cookies. Functional cookies are placed to ensure that the website is functioning properly.

Aside from the functional cookies, there are cookies to give you a more relevant web experience and serve relevant advertisements. In the cookie settings above, you can switch on/off cookies and settings which we use to make our content or advertisements more relevant for you. More information on these cookies and settings can be found below.

Webfleet Solutions websites and services need to be able to store and retrieve information to provide you with the service or information you asked for. For example your language setting and username for logging in. This is done through functional cookies. This storage and retrieval of information only happens when you use such a service. As these cookies are needed for a well-functioning website and to deliver the service they will be placed on your device. Further we use site analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics, Optimizely, Hotjar, and Tealium to collect site analytics to constantly improve our website.

When you are visiting our website or see our advertisements, we would like to give you a more relevant, personalized experience. In order to do this, we use personalization & advertisement cookies and settings. With these cookies we collect information about your interests and use this information to give you a more personalized experience. We use the following cookies and settings:

  • Adwords: To offer you relevant advertisements when you use the Google search engine or exclude you from seeing Webfleet Solutions advertisements in Google.
  • DoubleClick: To offer you relevant advertisements on or on external websites. DoubleClick is owned by Google. Here's a link to their privacy policy:
  • Facebook: To offer you relevant advertisements on Facebook, we use a Facebook cookie. This cookie is also placed when you have no Facebook account. By sharing your interests with Facebook we are able to offer you more relevant advertisements.
  • BlueKai: To offer you relevant advertisements in the BlueKai network.
  • Bing: To offer you relevant advertisements when you use the Bing search engine or exclude you from seeing Webfleet Solutions advertisements in Bing.
  • LinkedIn: To offer you relevant advertisements on LinkedIn or exclude you from seeing Webfleet Solutions advertisements on LinkedIn. Webfleet Solutions also uses LinkedIn Analytics to gather user information in connection with our advertisements shown to you via LinkedIn. We receive general LinkedIn data about users who have seen our advertisement such as details about Industry, Job Role, Region, and Company size. Together with the cookie information, we use this data to measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns. If you visit Webfleet Solutions websites after you have clicked on our advertisement, we see your interaction with our advertisements and use that information for performance measurements and improvement of our websites. This data is also sent to LinkedIn and its affiliates to help them to understand the performance of our advertisements (e.g. downloaded a white paper or filled in a contact form on the Webfleet Solutions site).
  • Eloqua & Salesforce: To understand what our Business customers are interested in when visiting our website. With this information we can give our Business customers more relevant information.
  • Lead Forensics: We would like to follow up Business visitors who visited our Telematics website. To do this, the company address of the Business visitor is derived from the IP address by Lead Forensics. We use this information and the products they viewed on our Telematics website for marketing and sales purposes.

If you do not want these cookies or settings to be placed, just simply untick the cookie setting above and save your settings.

Cookies are the main method used but sometimes information is stored and retrieved using other technologies, such as file transfer and Web APIs (Web Application Programming Interfaces) e.g. when you attach a device to your computer.