Fleet management for towing and recovery companies

Fleet management helps increase ROI and reduce liability

Webfleet offers towers a complete GPS vehicle tracking and connected navigation solution. Integrate dispatching, tracking, navigation and reporting into your operations with all tow management software. Fleet management is a necessity for the towing and recovery industry. We just made it easy.

Increase your return on investment (ROI) by minimizing

Increase towers produc­tivity and lower costs

Increase your return on investment (ROI) by minimizing

  • Time spent commu­ni­cating between dispatcher and driver.
  • Fuel costs from unnecessary mileage, speeding and idling.
  • Maintenance associated with wear and tear.
  • Phantom tows (cash jobs).
  • Wrong addresses.

Reduce liability

Reduce towers distracted driving

Reduce liability

  • Active Driver Feedback - reduce aggressive driving, the #1 cause of accidents.
  • Reduce distracted driving - audible/visual instruc­tions and lane guidance.
  • Hands-free calling with Bluetooth - reduce distrac­tions and increase efficiency.
  • DOT compliant commu­ni­cation – meets FMCSA regulations.

Software integra­tions typically include:

  • Overlay vehicle and job location on a map.
  • Find nearest available driver and drive time using live traffic.
  • 1-click dispatching from your software to streamline workflow and produc­tivity.

  • 2-way commu­ni­cation with major motor clubs.
  • Job status updates in real-time on dispatch board.
  • Real-time Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) updates.

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Already 50,000 clients achieve more with Webfleet.

Webfleet allows us to maximize the number of calls we can take per vehicle per day, while monitoring and managing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
Ken Bach, Kingsway Towing
Webfleet helps Death Valley Towing treat its customers right.
Lauren and Lee Richardson, Death Valley Towing
When time is money, Webfleet helps us maximize efficiency.
Marshall Adkison, Adkison Towing

The Webfleet advantage

50,000 clients

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Return on investment in six to nine months on average

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