Eliminate data entry with the Truckbase TMS, which is built for growing asset-based carriers. From dispatch to invoicing and settlements, Truckbase simplifies managing your fleet, increases efficiency, and provides peace of mind. The Truckbase + Webfleet integration leverages GPS data to provide relevant information to dispatchers, config­urable customer updates, and load tracking via Truckbase's customer portal.

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Key solutions

  • Completely eliminate check calls. Know what you need to know, when you need to know it. All automated through Truckbase’s trtruck-tracking software
  • Real-time visibility for you and your customers. Truck tracking links provide real-time visibility into location and status to your dispatch team and your customers
  • Compete on reliability, not price. Integrated truck tracking via ELD can increase your live tracking coverage to 100% overnight, leading to significant increases in carrier ratings with major brokerages, along with better lane and load opportunities. When your deliverability gets up to 99.9%, you can compete on reliability and quality over price.
  • Increase driver trust. Respecting their privacy and eliminating the need for them to manage tracking on clunky and invasive apps.
  • Professionalize your business. Customers are drawn toward carriers that have fully integrated, fully visible, truck tracking software as a core competency
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