ping is a global voice-based technology company focused safety, convenience and productivity to drivers. Distracted driving causes 71% of fleet collisions. Injuries, equipment damage, insurance hikes and legal fees cost employers millions every year. ping’s patented apps and SDK remove the “urge” for drivers to check their phones by reading emails, texts, dispatch notific­a­tions and any other time-sens­itive messages out loud automat­ically, so they stay focused on the road. Workers save time, fuel and frustration when trip details change. ping delivers eyes-free, hands-free convenience for drivers to increase productivity, reduce risk and eliminate losses caused by driver distraction.

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Key solutions

  • App-based voice assistant automatically reads urgent messages out loud
  • Runs in the background when using maps or audio apps
  • 100% secure. No message content or usernames / passwords ever leave the phone
  • Set-up takes minutes to configure which messages to read and for how long
  • Greatly reduces visual and cognitive distractions caused by smartphones
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ping is available via standalone and white label apps and SDK


No integration required


Set-up takes minutes for each driver to add the app

Additional resources

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