Specialist suppliers of connect vehicle CCTV systems to the logistics and trans­port­ation industry. Providing the most reliable and unres­tricted access to your video evidence with market leading customer support.

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Key solutions

  • No restrictions on downloading footage (clip length, number of clips etc).
  • Stream any video stored on the memory to identify an incident and downloaded on demand.
  • Auto 20 second clip upload of severe g-force events, panic button alarms and AI events.
  • Monitoring team to assist in downloading footage and alert you to camera failures.
  • True multi-network sims can utilise all major 4G networks to provide the best coverage, smooth streaming and fastest downloads possible.
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Live camera view


Access Evidence Centre with all your uploaded videos


Video loss notifications


Memory failure notifications


Alert if camera not active but vehicle moving in Webfleet

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MANTIS connected camera solutions help companies to mitigate their risk against insurance costs and keep drivers safe on the road.

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