Fleet management for construction companies

Boost efficiency and secure your assets with real-time data

Fleet management for construction companies

Boost efficiency and secure your assets with real-time data

Tighten the security of your valuable assets and vehicles with our fleet management software for construction services. With Webfleet, you can save on operational costs by reducing fuel consumption, avoiding compliance penalties and keeping repair costs under control.

Webfleet fleet management helps you

Track your construction fleet

Know where your construction assets and vehicles are at all times

Stay on top of business operations

Record working times and build your ideal workflow

Avoid theft

Protect your valuable construction assets 24/7

Keep repair costs under control

Gain fleet insights and effectively plan your maintenance

Be compliant and avoid fines

Use your construction equipment, vehicles and staff more effectively

Run a sustainable construction fleet

Monitor fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in real time

What can Webfleet do for your construction business?

Always know where your construction assets and vehicles are

Webfleet offers real-time tracking of your assets’ and fleet’s position and usage. Our vehicle tracking solution shows precisely when, where and how your construction fleet is being utilised and how much time is being spent behind the wheel.

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Protect your valuable assets and vehicles 24/7

Webfleet fleet management software instantly alerts you if and when a construction vehicle or asset leaves a pre-defined area. If an asset or vehicle is taken from site without permission, easily locate them via one interface in Webfleet.

Learn about Asset Tracking⁠

Enhance safety for everyone on site

Keep your driver and construction fleet safe with Webfleet. Our fleet management solutions provide real-time coaching and performance analysis to ensure safe driving behaviour and help you stay on top of vehicles and assets. Meanwhile, our AI dash cam protects drivers against false claims with on-demand video.

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Reduce costs with scheduled maintenance and fleet insights

Thanks to fleet management software for construction companies, you can schedule and manage maintenance tasks on Webfleet to keep your fleet in perfect condition and your repair costs under control. Setup notific­a­tions based on odometer, operating time or time since the last maintenance and get an automatic notific­ation when there’s a mechanical issue with any vehicles. You can also monitor fuel consumption to identify abnormal usage.

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Digitise working time recording

When your workers scan an RFID card on the PRO device their working time data is recorded digitally and archived in Webfleet. Easily access and analyse working time of your staff.

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Get all your business systems working together

Easily integrate your third-party business applic­a­tions and devices with Webfleet’ hardware and fleet management software to build your ideal workflow. For example, connect 3rd party hardware for driver ID or combine the PRO 8475 Driver Terminal with other applic­a­tions to support barcode scanning and digital signature capture.

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Meet your compliance deadlines and avoid fines

Webfleet Tachograph Manager allows you to remote download and monitor driving hours and working times. This solution also makes it easy to manage a wide range of deadlines in one place, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

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Webfleet Mobile: The Fleet Management App
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Run a sustainable construction fleet

Save on fuel and monitor your carbon footprint with CO2 reporting inside Webfleet. With our EV Transition Tool, you can determine which vehicles could go electric while drawing insights to help you transition to electric vehicles or expand an electric fleet.

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Technology is changing construction. What could it mean for you?


This eBook reveals how digit­isation and automation are changing the construction industry and how to overcome the barriers and risks of adopting new techno­logies.

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What our customers say

If Webfleet cost twice as much, we’d still use it.
Andy Saunders, Ferns Surfacing Ltd.

Some of our construction customers

Boost efficiency and secure your assets with real-time data

Automate processes. Protect assets. Reduce time spent on admin­is­tration. All while using your vehicles, assets and team more effectively. Return on investment in 6 to 9 months on average.

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