TDi (Transport Data Interchange Ltd)

TDi provides market-leading, cloud-based software solutions to the transport and logistics industry. Ranging from our long-term tachograph analysis solutions through to TransMaS Transport Management System. TDi's disc-check software can be fully integrated with Webfleet, so that your tachograph data can be remotely downloaded and analysed from anywhere.

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Key solutions

  • Modern and intuitive cloud based tachograph analysis software, accessible from anywhere.
  • Eliminate the need for paper defect reports with our vehicle check app, and record the results in real time.
  • Smart traffic management system which combines the daily tasks of a traffic office into one, simple to use system.
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Remote download of your tachograph data to disc-check analysis with Webfleet Tachoshare


Scheduled order management via TransMaS with a PRO Driver terminal


Live camera integrations with TDi Vision

Additional resources

TDi - disc-check the only tachograph software solution

Seamless KPI integration for DVSA ER members, automated collection of data from all your drivers and fleet.

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