Fleet management for enterprise fleets

Webfleet for large fleets

Improve customer service and boost driver safety, while lowering costs and CO2 emissions with Webfleet, solutions for enterprise fleets. It easily integrates with your existing systems for greater efficiency.

Enhance driver safety for large fleets

Digital device showing an alert for harsh steering

Enhance driver safety for large fleets

Give drivers a simple alert on their device when they are speeding or braking excessively through Active Driver Feedback.

You can also reduce the risks associated with speeding and harsh braking by monitoring driver behaviour and setting guidelines for safer driving.

Lower your fuel and CO2 emissions

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Lower your fuel and CO2 emissions

With Webfleet's solution for enterprise fleets, you can avoid traffic and inefficient stop-start driving with TomTom Traffic. Locate vehicles easily and allocate new jobs efficiently to the nearest driver. You can also reduce mileage by as much as 16% by giving drivers the most accurate routing.

Improve your large fleet service levels

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Improve your large fleet service levels

With Webfleet you can give drivers orders on their device, so they can go easily from job to job without returning to the office. Or you can help drivers reach their destination faster through live in-vehicle traffic information and smart routing. You can even provide customers with shorter arrival windows thanks to smarter routing and more accurate estimated arrival times.

Power your existing systems with partner apps

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Power your existing systems with partner apps

Easily integrate Webfleet and our partner applic­a­tions into your existing enterprise systems to support your inventory management, workflow or proof of service.

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Some of our enterprise customers

Why should I choose Webfleet?

Nationwide and inter­na­tional installers

First class support from local resellers and systems integrator

Choose the best vehicle tracking solution for your business

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Enterprise solution

  • Enjoy smart and efficient tracking, tracing and planning
  • Use Active Driver Feedback for safer and more eco-friendly driving
  • Give customers reliable ETAs and more accurate timeslots
  • With navigation, receive live traffic information for smarter routing
  • Easy integration with hundreds of ‘off the shelf’ applic­a­tions
  • Equip the entire fleet with one compact Driver ID and logging terminal, with driving behaviour feedback
Webfleet device for tracking fuel efficiency and carbon footprint

Optional: Recommended extra

  • Get a real-time view of fuel efficiency and carbon footprint

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