Fleet management solutions for enterprise and large fleets

Fleet management solutions for enterprise and large fleets

Run a more efficient and productive enterprise or large fleet with solutions by Webfleet. Excel in customer service, support driver safety, cut operational costs and reduce CO2 emissions — all while seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.

Why choose Webfleet for your enterprise fleet?

EV transition

Know which vehicles to switch for EVs, based on mileage, efficiency and TCO

First-class client support

Rely on our network of local resellers and integrators

Scalable, flexible coverage

Ensure scalability with inter­na­tional language support

Highest level of security

Trust in our data security, which is ISO-27001 certified

Simplified integ­ra­tions

Enrich your own systems with our open APIs and SDKs

Compre­hensive reports

Stay on top of compliance and service deliv­er­ables

How enterprise fleets maximise efficiency with Webfleet

Real-time visibility

Harness real-time vehicle tracking to optimise your enterprise or large fleet. Assign tasks based on driver location and draw insights on driving behaviour. With up-to-date and historical information at your fingertips, you can make informed business decisions and enhance your customer service, no matter how large your fleet.

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fleet manager of an enterprise fleet

Advanced analytics of your fleet operations

Empower your organ­isation with data-driven insights. Webfleet provides all the strategic fleet management tools your business needs, from custom reporting to historical data on fuel consumption. Analysing your fleet data is key to identifying how you can improve efficiency and reduce costs, especially for an enterprise fleet with large numbers of vehicles in multiple countries.

Increased safety of your enterprise fleet

Profes­sional navigation makes it easier to keep your drivers on the safest routes. Additionally, fleet dashcams give you the full context behind road incidents and driving habits so you can encourage team account­ab­ility. Leveraging your fleet data helps you prevent accidents on the road.

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Improve your enterprise fleet service levels

Integrated solutions

Boost productivity with Webfleet’s order management tools. Strengthen customer relation­ships with improved job-com­pletion rates and ETAs. You can also streamline operations with PRO driver terminals, supporting two-way commu­nic­ation between back office and field teams.

Expanded capab­il­ities

Elevate your enterprise fleet management by seamlessly integrating Webfleet with partner applic­a­tions. Webfleet’s compre­hensive APIs enable you to integrate with other systems for your daily operations, including inventory management, workflow optim­isation and proof of service for overall efficiency.

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C02 Report TUV certif 2

Greater sustain­ab­ility

We support your journey towards decar­bon­isation. Our solutions help you align with sustain­ab­ility goals and assist drivers in adopting greener driving behaviours. Gain a competitive advantage with responsible business practices by using Webfleet CO2 Report and electri­fying your fleet.

EV transition

Whether you would like to know more about calculating your current fleet's TCO, comparing that to the advantages and disad­vantages of an EV or hybrid fleet, or want to know exactly where to start the transition, our experts are keen to help.

fleet electri­fic­ation planning report

What our customers say

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Webfleet is one of our best investments, helping us to save £1.8 million in fuel and £1.2 million in insurance claims handling costs.
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Webfleet was the deciding factor in which technician vehicles went electric and when to start
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This solution immediately improved workflow consid­erably
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Some of our enterprise customers

All you need to know about enterprise fleet management

How does Webfleet improve driver safety in large fleets?

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Webfleet provides continuous feedback, so that drivers can improve their performance in real time. With Webfleet, enterprise and large fleet managers can monitor driving behaviour to encourage safer practices on the road.

How do large fleets benefit from Webfleet's routing solutions?

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Large and enterprise fleets that integrate their Webfleet account with our PRO 8 driver terminal can reduce mileage, save fuel and provide customers accurate arrival times. Webfleet’s routing solutions help fleets run more efficiently while growing their overall quality of service.

Can Webfleet integrate with my existing fleet management systems?

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Yes, Webfleet is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of systems and partner apps, enhancing your existing fleet management capab­il­ities.

How does Webfleet help reduce fuel costs for enterprise fleets?

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Enterprise fleets use Webfleet to optimise routes, avoid traffic and promote efficient driving habits. Webfleet customers signi­fic­antly reduce their fuel consumption, leading to lower operational costs.

Can Webfleet's solutions scale with the growth of my enterprise fleet?

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Absolutely. Webfleet's solutions are scalable and adaptable, making them ideal for growing enterprise fleets that require flexible and robust fleet management.

What kind of support can I expect from Webfleet for my large fleet?

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Webfleet offers first-class support through a network of local resellers and systems integrators, ensuring you receive timely and effective assistance.

How does Webfleet help reduce CO2 emissions for large fleets?

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Webfleet’s tools make it easy for large fleets to monitor driving behaviour, plan more efficient routes and limit unnecessary mileage. Large fleets can track their vehicle emissions with Webfleet CO2 Report and determine which actions will help them achieve their sustain­ab­ility goals.

What makes Webfleet a reliable choice for enterprise fleet management?

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Our extensive experience, coupled with a track record of awards and certi­fic­a­tions, establishes Webfleet as a reliable and trusted choice for enterprise fleet management. Explore our customer testi­mo­nials on this page to witness how Webfleet has earned the trust of various enterprises.

How does Webfleet enhance customer service for large fleets?

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With smarter routing and accurate estimated arrival times, Webfleet enables fleets to provide customers with reliable service windows and improved delivery experiences.

Which features in Webfleet aid in regulatory compliance for large fleets?

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Webfleet provides function­al­ities to aid in meeting regulatory require­ments and upholding compliance standards. Key features include CO2 reporting, tachograph management, cold chain temperature monitoring, mileage logbooks and our Vehicle Check app, which simplifies vehicle maintenance and road inspections.

Our awards and certi­ficates

TÜV Süd ISO 27001

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