Fleet Compliance: Choose Supportive Solutions

Comply effort­lessly with automated tasks and accurate fleet data

Keeping your drivers, vehicles and company compliant with evolving regulations is easier with Webfleet. Our range of fleet compliance solutions helps you reduce costs, avoid penalties, increase productivity, empower your drivers and focus on delivering even more value to your customers. Find out everything you need to know about compliance solutions for fleets here.

Explore our compliance benefits for fleets

Tachograph management

Tachograph management

Get visibility on EU driving hours and working times with remote downloads and archiving of tachograph data

Mileage data tracking

Mileage data tracking

Prove tax compliance with reliable and accurate data

Digitised vehicle inspections

Digitised vehicle inspections

Digitise your drivers' daily walkarounds

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Monitor cargo efficiently and generate compre­hensive reports

Tyre pressure monitoring

Tyre pressure monitoring

Keep your tyres in roadworthy condition with 24/7 control of temperature and pressure

Maximum load weight management

Maximum load weight management

Get visibility of your load and comply with rules on permissible maximum weights

Driver Identi­fic­ation

Driver Identi­fic­ation

Automate your driver identi­fic­ation for real-time driver­-fo­cused insights

CO2 Report


Accurately report your business’ envir­on­mental impact

Stay compliant with Webfleet

Avoid fines

And prevent reputa­tional damage

Minimise admin­is­trative effort

With digitised solutions

Count on accurate reporting

For compliance

Make smarter decision

With compre­hensive analysis

Elevate fleet safety

While being compliant

Secure data archive and storage

To ensure data safety

Fleet compliance features

Tachograph solutions for hassle-free fleet compliance

Webfleet Tachograph Manager Plus allows you to remote download, analyse and monitor driving hours and working times. Accurate and up-to-date remaining daily and weekly remaining driving times help you and your drivers stay compliant with regulations and avoid fines. Manage all your deadlines in one place, and never miss a compliance due date. Social infringement reports give you a clear overview of expected fines and advice on corrective action, while TachoGrade measures how well your driver complies with European Drivers' Hours Regulation ((EC) No. 561/ 2006).

Learn more about Webfleet Tachograph Manager⁠
Digital tachograph in truck for compliance of your fleet
Logbook on phone for compliance in employee benefits

Automated mileage tracking for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC compliance)

By documenting trip and fleet mileage, Webfleet's Logbook ensures employee benefits are taxed accurately. This data will help you calculate your tax declaration and comply with HMRC auditing processes.

Learn more about Webfleet Logbook⁠

Digital vehicle inspection for safety regulations

Webfleet's Vehicle Check app digitises the daily fleet inspection process. This software helps drivers and fleet managers to reduce paperwork, streamline the compliance process and act quickly to resolve vehicle defects for a safer fleet.

Learn more about Webfleet Vehicle Check⁠
truck mobile vehicle check dashboard: compliance in fleet vehicles
cold chain truck

Worry-free cold chain operations

Webfleet Cold Chain provides complete visibility of your refri­gerated fleet, enabling you to keep your vehicles and assets at the right temperature. Real-time monitoring and control mean you can protect your temper­at­ure-sens­itive goods while achieving cold chain compliance.

Learn more about Webfleet Cold Chain⁠

24/7 tyre control

Ensure that you meet tyre maintenance and safety standards. Webfleet's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) provides real-time pressure and temperature monitoring of your fleet vehicles, along with warnings and preventive maintenance notific­a­tions. This helps you reduce accidents, contrib­uting to overall road safety and envir­on­mental conser­vation.

Learn more about Webfleet TPMS⁠
truck front tyre
wf power up trailer on the road

Avoid overloading your vehicles

Webfleet Trailer facilitates compliance with the permissible maximum weight of lorries regulation. With insights on the overall payload weight status and view by axle, you can comply with the weight restric­tions in your region and reduce the risk of fines and accidents from overloaded vehicles.

Learn more about Webfleet Trailer⁠

Save time by going paperless

Webfleet’s fleet driver identi­fic­ation automates working time and mileage regis­tration, making it easy to comply with the rules on drivers’ hours regulations and ensure payroll accuracy. Digitally record your driver's check-in and check-out times and provide proof of working hours to customers without paperwork headaches.

Learn more about driver identi­fic­ation⁠
pro i incar login for compliance in drivers’ hours regulations
C02 Report TUV certif 2 for compliance in CSRD

Build CO2 reports for CSRD compliance

The Corporate Sustain­ab­ility Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an EU regulation requiring certain companies to disclose the envir­on­mental and social impact of their activities. With the Webfleet CO2 Report, you can quickly create accurate fleet emissions reports while under­standing how to reduce your carbon footprint. Our reporting methodology is certified by TÜV Rheinland.

All you need to know about our fleet compliance solutions

What is compliance?

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Compliance is about adhering to a rule, such as a regulation, policy, standard or law. Every country and region follows different rulesets. It is important for businesses to choose a fleet management solution that accom­modates local and inter­na­tional regulations.

Why is being compliant important for fleets?

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Breaking rules often means incurring a penalty. Being compliant can help you reduce the likelihood of facing fines, lawsuits or the closure of your business. Depending on the type of regulation, being compliant also supports the well-being of your drivers and other road users. It also helps you keep your vehicles in roadworthy condition.

How can Webfleet help businesses stay compliant?

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Tachograph Manager Plus helps you deal with policies with driving hours and working time regulation, while Webfleet Vehicle Check helps with day-to-day inspections and helps streamline the compliance process. With these solutions you have a clear overview and it’s easier to stay compliant.

Which businesses benefit from compliance solutions?

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Any business required to do tax declaration and comply with safety and driving hours regulations can benefit from compliance solutions. A few examples would be transport and logistics companies and fleets that provide last-mile deliveries.

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