Key features of our fleet management software

The number 1 online solution that connects you, your drivers, and your vehicles

Key features of our fleet management software

The number 1 online solution that connects you, your drivers, and your vehicles

Webfleet’s easy-to-use ‘Software as a Service’ technology helps anyone with commercial vehicles, manage them more effectively. Its innovative online fleet management capab­il­ities give you total visibility of everything that happens on the road. The main features are highlighted below.

Key features

Best-in-class user interface

  • Simple, easy to use interface, with clean lines and clutter free.
  • Optimised user interface experience, minimizing click for faster working
  • State of the art data handing to ensure high quality data privacy and data security
  • Future proof and continu­ously innovating
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Maps – A real-time view

  • With street level maps and traffic information, you get more detailed visibility at map level, as well as always knowing the location and status of your vehicles.
  • Choose either the award winning TomTom map or Google maps.
  • Toggle between different levels of information on the map such as Traffic, Addresses and Areas.
  • Group vehicles to de-clutter the map for an easier view.


With Webfleet’s dashboard you can see your business performance at a glance. KPIs can track the performance of individuals, benchmark teams or give a simple overview of your whole operation. Up to 27 KPIs can be displayed, enabling you to track performance against your pre-defined KPI’s in real time.

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Webfleet gives you instant access to the information that matters, meaning you can spot trends over time and make smarter, and more informed decisions for your business.

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Manage on the move

The Webfleet Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. You can also manage your fleet on a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer entering Webfleet through your web browser.

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a b routing

A-B Route planning in Webfleet with the capability of sending routes direct to drivers

  • Adjust variables such as location/time of departure/arrival, as well as vehicle type.
  • Select wheteher to include current traffic in planning.
  • Get a choice of alternative routes, as well as suggested fastest route.
  • Customise your route – Waypoints can easily be added via free text search, point on map or by dragging and dropping the suggested route.
  • Send planned routes to the latest Driver Terminals

Optimise your business with Webfleet’s additional features



Stress-free mileage regis­tration.

Webfleet Tachograph Manager

Webfleet Mobile: The Fleet Management App
Webfleet Tachograph Manager

The reliable all-in-one solution to download, analyse and archive your tachograph data.

OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 and Webfleet
OptiDrive 360

Improve your team’s driving performance.

Remaining Driving Times

Remaining Driving Times

Real-time access to driving time information.

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance

Smart vehicle maintenance scheduling.

Dynamic dispatching

Webfleet - Dynamic dispatching
Dynamic dispatching

Improve your job assignments and integrate traffic information into your planning.

Webfleet TachoShare

Webfleet Mobile: The Fleet Management App
Webfleet TachoShare

Remote download and archiving module that offers connectivity to your existing analysis provider.

Webfleet Asset Tracking

Webfleet Asset Tracking

Monitor your assets and vehicles on one interface.

50,000 customers rely on Webfleet every day

Fuel cost savings of 22% were achieved.
Yvonne Thompson, WGM Engineering Group
Fife Council improved MPG by 15%.
Jennifer Thain, Fife Council
Incredible fuel savings.
Rodney Thornton, West Dunbartonshire Council

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