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Digital log book

Get accurate, easy-to-use mileage log administration, while protecting your employees’ data privacy.

Any tax related information is meant as a reference only.1

Company vehicles are a valuable benefit for employees. But they also have tax implications, including penalties for businesses that fail to comply with the rules. The good news is that with the right tools and knowledge, you can reduce your tax burden. How? By using an electronic mileage log such as WEBFLEET Logbook. Electronic mileage log book will improve your fleet management.

Reduce the administration burden

With the help of WEBFLEET’s Logbook, companies and drivers can:

Protect your data privacy

Spend less time on tax administration

Stay HMRC compliant

Manage drivers in any pool-car vehicles

Get accurate reports

Simplify fleet administration

Learn more about mileage log book

Learn more about mileage log book

Log and save

  • Reduce the tax burden
  • Generate automatic mileage reports
  • Demonstrate compliance to tax obligations

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Electronic mileage log book

Stay compliant with HMRC

  • Go digital for your mileage log book and enable employees to satisfy HMRC when it comes to company vehicle usage
  • Helps avoid extra benefit-in-kind taxes and National Insurance charges

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logbook app bundle en mi

About WEBFLEET Logbook

  • Logbook mobile app allows the driver to access relevant trip information all from the same view
  • OptiDrive 360 rates your teams’ driving style to help improve behaviour on the road
  • Compliant log book reporting keeps you on the right side of HMRC regulation

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Tax law in the UK - mileage log book

Tax law in the UK

  • Company vehicles
  • Private cars
  • Pool vehicles

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How to avoid tax penalties with mileage log book

Don’t risk a penalty

  • Drivers and employers could avoid penalties of £34,771 in six years.

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Reduce tax burden with WEBFLEET Logbook

Want to see how you can be tax smart?

  • Jack can save £2,817 in taxes, with insignificant private usage and electronic vehicle log book as evidence.
  • His employer can also have £1,940 savings on that vehicle due to a lower benefit in kind.

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Mileage log free tax guide for the UK

Tax guide for the UK – Download it for free

Download for free the full log book tax guide for the UK in PDF format.

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1 While Webfleet Solutions (TTT) and Grant Thornton UK LLP (GTUK) have sought to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate, the content is not intended to be legally or technically comprehensive and neither TTT nor GTUK shall be held liable for any errors or omissions. The contents of the guide should be used for reference purposes only and both TTT and GTUK recommend that no action be taken on any matter in the guide without the reader taking independent professional advice. The information in the guide is based on current tax rates, legislation and HMRC's practice as at the date of the guide which may be subject to future change. The information in this guide has not been prepared to take into account the reader’s individual circumstances. To ensure compliance with your tax obligations, always seek individual advice from a legal counsel or a qualified tax compliance specialist. For the avoidance of any doubt, Webfleet Solutions does not warrant or imply that the use of its products or services can in itself guarantee compliance with your tax or legal obligations.