Digital mileage tracking

Take the hassle out of trip admin­is­tration with mileage tracking

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Digital mileage trackingDigital mileage trackingDigital mileage trackingDigital mileage trackingDigital mileage trackingDigital mileage tracking

Our digital mileage logbook helps you maintain accurate, easy-to-use mileage trip tracking and admin­is­tration for company vehicles, grey fleet drivers and pool-car fleets, while protecting your drivers’ data privacy.

WEBFLEET Logbook helps you:

Create individual driver profiles to manage your drivers in pool-car vehicles

Simplify fleet admin­is­tration for taxes, cost control and complying with HMRC

Reduce your workload with accurate odometer reading directly from vehicle’s odometer1

Reduce your drivers' workload with automatic business and private trips regis­tration

Prove tax compliance with reliable and accurate data

Protect your drivers’ privacy when they use company vehicles for personal journeys

The key features

Automated trip recording

Trip and mileage tracking reports provided by WEBFLEET can be used for mileage claims and tax detail verific­a­tions. All of this helps you reduce your tax burden and cut the time you spend on trip admin­is­tration.

Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Heightened data security for drivers

We take data privacy seriously. That’s why drivers can only see details of their own trips and companies have the option to hide trace for business and private trips.

Satisfy HMRC compliance

Our digital mileage logbook ensures employee benefits are taxed accurately. This also helps with compliance for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) auditing purposes.

Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Driving behaviour feedback

Driver scores (OptiDrive) are presented on both the PRO Driver Terminal and WEBFLEET Logbook mobile app. This helps drivers stay safe and reliable on the road, while maintaining a good reputation for your business.

Easy-to-use mobile app

Drivers can manage their trip and mileage tracking admin­is­tration with the user-centric WEBFLEET Logbook mobile app. While on the go, they can modify all trip details (such as contact person and purpose of journey), assign themselves to available vehicles, adjust the odometer settings and get driver feedback (OptiDrive).

Webfleet Solutions
Webfleet Solutions

Accurate, reliable data

Odometer data is updated in real-time directly from the vehicle’s odometer. So, when the tax authorities make a request you know your reports are reliable. Your trip report can be downloaded at any time in WEBFLEET or WEBFLEET Logbook mobile app.

Take the hassle out of trip admin­is­tration with WEBFLEET Logbook

What does mileage tracking do?

Mileage tracking is a general term for logging miles travelled for business. This can be done for a number of different reasons, including complying with regulations, tax or reimbursement of employees.

Webfleet Solutions

Why switch to a digital mileage logbook?

Webfleet Solutions

Learn more about how a digital mileage logbook like WEBFLEET Logbook helps make you tax smart.

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What you need for WEBFLEET Logbook

Webfleet Solutions

LINK vehicle tracking device

Webfleet Solutions

WEBFLEET subscription

Webfleet Solutions

The WEBFLEET Logbook mobile app

1 Odometer reported by CAN connected device (LINK 610 or LINK 710) in the vehicle.

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