LINK 640

Fixed install­ation vehicle tracking device for cars and LCVs

Optimised for

Cannot connect to PRO.

  • Fixed install­ation to the vehicle for reliable tracking
  • Enhanced vehicle data with optional CAN bus connectivity
  • Monitors driving behaviour
  • Works in combination with Webfleet



Track and trace

View driving times, mileage and location of your fleet

Driving behaviour

Improve your drivers’ safety with the help of OptiDrive 360 driving style insights

Fleet performance reporting

Access compre­hensive vehicle and driver insights 24/7

Instant alerts

Get notific­a­tions on vehicle malfunc­tions and stay on top of your maintenance

Fuel and charging status

Monitor your fleet’s fuel usage and the battery charging status of your electric vehicles 1

Mileage and logbook

Record and analyse mileage and trip data with real vehicle odometer 1

Technical specific­ation

DimensionsBody: 97 x 51 x 19 mm
Body with Holder: 97 x 63 x 22 mm
Weight and materialBody: 75g, PC/ABS
Holder: 12 g, PC/ABS
EnvironmentEnvir­on­mental sealing: IP20
Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C
Supply voltage12 V / 24 V (min. 9 V to max. 30 V)
Current consumptionAt 14V: typically < 50 mA
At 28V: typically < 30 mA
Standby: typically < 1 mA
During data trans­missionAt 14 V: 150 mA
At 28 V: 100 mA

Optional accessories

LINK CAN Sensor 100 (LCS 100)

A CAN sensor that lets your LINK 640 device read valuable CAN bus information using a non-in­trusive install­ation.

Return on investment in six to nine months

Book a demo and find out how LINK 640 helps make managing your fleet on the road easier.

1 CAN connection required (suggest using LINK CAN Sensor 100) and subject to vehicle/model.

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