Telent works with TomTom to achieve £216,000 of fuel savings

London May 15, 2013
Technology services giant Telent has revealed how improved driver behaviour and fuel initiatives among its mobile workforce has resulted in an annual fuel saving of £216,000.

The company has dramatically reduced incidents of speeding, idling, harsh braking and other such efficiency failings among 250 of its drivers following the introduction of driving performance tools from TomTom.

TomTom’s fleet management solutions have given us a clear insight into the driver behaviour of our mobile workers and has enabled us to encourage improved performance behind the wheel said Neil Williams, Telent’s Head of Estates, Facilities Management and Fleet.

The bottom line savings have been remarkable– and we can now see an average fuel cost difference of £72 per driver per month, between best and worst performing drivers

WORKsmart fleet management combines TomTom tracking and navigation with the ecoPLUS on-board fuel diagnostic device, which reads fuel consumption data directly from vehicles on the road.

This information, along with other data such as speeding, harsh braking and steering is fed back to drivers in real time through their navigation devices to improve their style on the move. It is also available for managers in WEBFLEET, TomTom’s online fleet management software, as a live information dashboard or in a customisable report.

The WEBFLEET OptiDrive indicator combines the fuel efficiency information with speeding, idling and braking data, and scores the driver out of 10 in a column stack chart, allowing Telent to rank drivers and deliver feedback and training where it is most needed.

Having these efficiency tools at our fingertips are generating exciting results and have led to us to recently rolling the system out across a further 450 vehicles added Neil.

We are anticipating significant further bottom line fuel savings over the coming months, along with substantial motor insurance premium reductions as a result of an improved fleet risk profile

TomTom fleet management has also led to other operational benefits for Telent, including an 80 per cent reduction in the time taken to allocate jobs to the right service team, from 75 to just 15 minutes – a boost to its customer service delivery and SLA compliance.

Giles Margerison, director UK and Ireland, TomTom Business Solutions, added: Key management data is as vital for fleet operations as it is for any other business activity and, as Telent has demonstrated, when combined with active feedback to drivers, can be used effectively to realise considerable efficiency gain

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