Justdiggit and Webfleet Solutions launch

  • The Green Your Fleet platform allows companies to estimate their fleet’s CO2 emissions via Webfleet Solutions’ CO2 calculator
  • Customers can choose to offset their carbon emissions by supporting Justdiggit and help regreen African dryland to positively impact climate, nature and people
  • The initiative is part of Webfleet Solutions’ Green Mission to help build a more sustainable future

Amsterdam, 13 October 2020 – Together with Justdiggit, Webfleet Solutions, Europe’s number one telematics solutions provider, is launching Green Your Fleet, a new tool that helps fleet customers to make a positive climate impact. The initiative builds upon a long-term partnership between the Bridgestone owned company and the international operating NGO, focused on landscape restoration projects in Africa, through which Webfleet Solutions aims to offset the carbon emissions from its own supply chain and facilities.

The Green Your Fleet platform allows customers to calculate an estimate of their annual CO2 emissions based on their fleet size and vehicle types. The calculator is built with data from Webfleet Solutions fleet management software WEBFLEET, considering the average fuel consumption and mileage values. In a second step, the tool generates the amount required to offset the fleet’s carbon emissions. This is based on Justdiggits’ calculations of the indicative average costs of reducing one tonne of CO2 by regreening dry lands in Tanzania.

With this information, customers can choose to join the programme by supporting Justdiggit and make real impact on climate, nature and people. The Green Your Fleet platform also shows how many square metres will be regreened, how many trees will be brought back, how much water will be saved and how many local people are empowered – all by the same contribution.

We are really excited to launch Green Your Fleet with our partner Webfleet Solutions. This platform is a unique customer facing proposition that inspires and involves companies to join us in the regreen revolution that is needed to cool down our planet, said Wessel Koning, Business Development and Partnerships Director, Justdiggit. With this new simple tool, companies can – in one minute – see what is needed to offset their carbon emissions and empower nature and people in Tanzania.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and CEO of Webfleet Solutions added: Sustainability is a top priority for a lot of our customers as well as for our own business. Our fleet management solution WEBFLEET already helps them to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%. The Green Your Fleet platform gives the opportunity to go even further and become part of our regreening programme with our trusted partner Justdiggit.

The Green Your Fleet platform is an element of Webfleet Solutions’ Green Mission to help build a more sustainable future by lowering the company’s own carbon footprint and helping customers lower their carbon emissions. Through Justdiggit, Webfleet Solutions has to date invested in re-greening an area in Tanzania four times larger than the centre of Amsterdam which results in 51,800 tonnes of CO2 sequestrated through bringing back over 130,000 trees. This regreening programme not only takes carbon out of the air, but it also positively impacts the livelihoods of over 18,000 people, saves 700 million litres of water yearly and restores biodiversity.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and CEO of Webfleet Solutions: As a part of Bridgestone, we share its global commitment to help shape a more sustainable future of mobility. The extended partnership with Justdiggit is another important step in us putting our Green Mission into action.

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