All of Dufour's operational data available with Webfleet

Dufour has real-time insight into fleet, driving and rest periods, wind power measurement and tire pressure on one platform

Amsterdam, 7 February, 2023Dufour can track vehicles from its own fleet and read data remotely. The fleet consists of 900 vehicles, including cranes, trucks, (van) cars, trailers, excavators and garbage trucks. In order to do this, they use Webfleet's vehicle tracking system.

Dufour carries out sustainable development concepts and is the European leader in installing wind farms. They used their own vehicle tracking system in the past. A system that, according to Jules Braem, Project Coordinator at Dufour, did not always work stably. Says Braem, After we heard about Webfleet through our tyre partner company Bridgestone, we started a pilot project. What struck Dufour most was the user-friendliness of the Webfleet portal and the completeness of the data available through integration. Based on that, they started a partnership with Webfleet, a subsidiary of Bridgestone. With project follow-up, assistance with installations and configuration of the solution by ARC, Premium Partner of Webfleet.

All data on one platform

For Dufour, it was important to have remotely accessible insights in their fleet data. These insights can be used to schedule maintenance and to check whether drivers are complying with mandatory rest periods, explains Braem. With Webfleet, they now see this data on a single platform. From tachograph data to fuel consumption and real-time data about problems in the vehicles. The latter ensures that maintenance tasks can be proactively scheduled, minimising costly repairs and downtime.

Data from cranes through integration with Webfleet

Using Webfleet, Dufour also gains insights in data from the cranes. The cranes are equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents the crane from lifting objects that are too heavy, in order to prevent accidents. Some maneuvers require disabling it. Braem: Sometimes crane operators forget to switch the safety mechanism back on afterwards. Now we can see this remotely and signal the crane operators.

In addition, the cranes are equipped with a wind meter. For safety reasons, work is not allowed when the wind is too strong. Through an integration between the wind meter and the Webfleet platform, Dufour can read the wind data remotely and share it with customers and insurance. Kevin Meskens, Account Manager at ARC: There are no other companies doing this yet, so we developed this link specifically for Dufour. The next step is to optimise it so that the data becomes even more accurate.

Pilot tire pressure monitoring system TPMS

Currently, Dufour is piloting TPMS: the tyre pressure monitoring system from Webfleet and Bridgestone. This monitors tyre pressure and temperature in real time. This saves on fuel costs, optimises tyre durability and prevents breakdowns on the road. Says Braem, It is impossible to check the tyres of 900 vehicles every day. With this system, we can keep the vehicles in good condition.

Install yourself and get straight to work

Dufour's headquarters is in Tournai and the company has branches in Dunkirk, Paris, Rennes, Laval and Le Mans. ARC provided training for each branch, allowing Dufour to install Webfleet itself. Braem: The systems are pre-programmed, so we were able to start working immediately after the training. Also, the platform is self-explanatory. You don't need a manual.

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