Webfleet's new cold chain solution helps refrigerated fleets transport goods at the right temperature

  • The latest telematics solution from Webfleet helps temperature-controlled fleets ensure product quality and avoid extra costs from damaged goods.
  • Refrigerated fleets benefit from enhanced safeguards for temperature-sensitive products, simplifying cold chain compliance with real-time temperature control and monitoring.
  • Webfleet Cold Chain provides a single-platform solution for all refrigerated trucks, vans and trailers.

Johannesburg – 1 June 2023 — Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution, introduces Webfleet Cold Chain. With its real-time monitoring power, the single-platform solution helps temperature-controlled fleets maintain cargo quality and safety, which is key to avoiding extra costs from damaged goods or compliance issues.

Refrigerated cargo must be transported under a certain temperature range. Unsteady temperatures can damage goods like medicines, foods and electronics. Maintaining temperature consistency is also about public safety: faulty temperatures can give rise to foodborne illnesses.

Delivering goods at incorrect temperatures can lead to rejected loads, not to mention financial and reputational losses for the transport company. Fleet managers must act fast to resolve potential issues. But without visibility on their cargo, they won’t know if a temperature slips out of range or if a driver sets the wrong temperature. That’s where Webfleet Cold Chain comes in.

This product will allow fleet managers to easily monitor, control and record temperature conditions across their refrigerated assets in real time. As a result, both fleet operators and drivers can act quickly to adverse temperature events and reduce the risk of spoiled goods. Real-time insights enable drivers to provide proof of temperature consistency upon delivery.

We’re proud to help transport fleets protect goods, prevent losses, save on costs and satisfy their customers, said Justin Manson, Sales Director at Webfleet. Webfleet Cold Chain provides temperature-controlled fleets with the tools and insights they need to thrive. Our solution makes meeting increased regulations and standards much easier—and all from a single platform.

The cold chain solution can support any refrigerated fleet. It is therefore suitable for any semi-trailers, rigid-body trucks, or delivery vans as long as these vehicles are equipped with refrigeration devices and utilised to keep cargo at correct temperatures.

The feature will be available in both European and international markets where Webfleet provides services, added Manson.

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